Tsinskaro Giorgi Ushikivii and All Those guys

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Ian Brown Whispers

Stone cold rumours

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White Lies Death

I listened to this on my way through the skies towards Holland. I was honoured to hear them play live at Electric Picnic. Death

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‘We Just Need a Capo!’


Why not. Why not be awkward Florence Welch . Why not pass Karinya Chen and ask. Passing is a very personal thing. Bless you beautiful souls. And every one else and the guitarist.


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What Do Think About?



So I’ve been moving on with my life. I’ve found myself a job. I’m still checking in on all those strange experiences. I must say that evolution is the only way.
I’ve been thinking about movement, momentum, continuing on.

There is only motion. Hot diggy-de.

And this is where they got that groove.

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A Scanner Darkly



I read it. It was the last of his books I wanted to read so I left it. Personally I did not like The Man in the High Castle. I found it the least interesting of all of his books but, this is what I wrote in my diary about A Scanner Darkly –

‘I finally read ‘A Scanner Darkly. It was annoying at first and then became funny and very moving. Poor PKD. Poor nothing. He’s grand I’m sure.
I downloaded Valis and understand it a lot better this time due to reading a lot of his Exegesis. He had the power to see how daft he must have looked.
His ideas though- so wonderful.
He communicates more to me than any other author.
The strangeness and isolation of life through this awkward experience.
I’m like him.
An outsider always.’


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Feels Just Like It Should

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