6 Responses to Contact

  1. Ed says:

    I have only recently heard your voice. Was mesmerized by your talent. I was you the best.

    • shanokee says:

      Aw thanks so much! It means a lot that you would leave such a lovely comment. 🙂

      • Ed says:

        Thanks for taking the time to leave a response. Is there any other videos besides Such is Life from Sensation 2001? I know you commented about the fact that was a long time ago.

  2. shanokee says:

    Youtube ‘Home’ Coast to Coast, ‘Feel you Here’ Brennan Heart/Dash Berlin, ‘Symsonic (It’s up to you)Rank1 or you could just google Shanokee.

  3. Little cosmic thing says:

    Greetings Shanokee…….. I have just read about your experience in 2014 about the lime green entity! I was searching the net to find out if anyone else had had a similar experience to me and yours seems to be the closest?! I’d like to just say im new to this internet business asw ive been spiritually searching without the aid of technology of any kind and in solitude so you are the first individual i have replied to……only recently have i set up an e-mail account so bear with me. I too am hyper sensitive,intuitive and deeply empathic. However im male so as you can imagine my strange different ways repel most people i meet. Anyway, back in march of this year i was meditating lying on my bed in the dark and in silence when suddenly i saw a shape appear near the roof of my ceiling. It was green yet translucent and shaped a little like a squid/ball? No face as such but definately intelligent! I felt extremely calm,unafraid and expectant. Very slowly it zig-zagged across the width of my bed whilst descending towards me? Obviously i was curious what it was going to do but because of my interest in all things spiritual/different i let it happen. Once at eye-level it moved to my peripheral vision then back again? I tried speaking to it;told it that i welcomed the presence and was grateful.However no words came back,it just hovered in front of me for aprox.20 secs then suddenly descended slowly into my chest area!! Still i felt calm and happy. That was that. However i was up all night writing all sorts of positive poetry and the like aswell as many previously unthought of ideas?! Now when i told people over the next few days about my experience i was met with almost total disregard and i could tell they imagined me crazy but i KNOW it happened. So i had to share this with you because you asked…… The only explanation ive found that rings true so far is that there are many different colours of this type of alien energy that seem to appear to us when we are open and/or need help with unblocking a chakra?! Green is meant to be associated with heart energy which rings true to me because i was in a state of confusion/depression due to my feelings on the problems with dealing with negativity in the world. I love peace and positivity and feel like im from someplace else so i choose to believe this being/energy came to help me from my real home……Hope this helps a little? Peace sister.x

    • shanokee says:

      What a lovely experience! Indeed, green is associated with the heart chakra. Now that I think of it, I’m wondering if my entity’s colours of green and yellow were significant. Yellow represents the Solar Plexus chakra and also the will. His hands were yellow.
      I’m so glad you felt the need to contact me about this as it really sounds wonderful.
      I have seen energy globules stuck all over a wall and they looked organic and sentient. I would liken them to seeing my own auric field. I believe the entity I saw was on another frequency normally unseen.

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