Paul LaViolette

He postulates that black holes are energy creators and that the ‘big bang’ is constantly happening throughout the universe. Creation and destruction are equally happening. I’ve gotta agree with him.
He also says that the Tarot is a very deeply complex scientific archive,linked to Ancient Egypt. He also explains the Egyptian symbol of the Ankh through systems physics. Matter coming into existence through a pattern which looks similar to the Ankh. We know that the ANKH represents life. ankh7

This is Paul LaViolette’s own diagram of his named Model G Ether Reaction System. Literally matter out of ether.

I challenge you to read his book ‘Genesis of the Cosmos’ and then have an opinion. I lent it to my mum before she died but she gave it to the book bin charity; I was annoyed but she taught me a lesson i.e. don’t get attached to anything, it’s just stuff.

I’ve also read another two of his books ‘Earth Under Fire’ following in the footsteps of Velikovsky ( check him out, pioneer of his time) and also ‘The Talk of the Universe’ , an extremely out there concept about pulsars being alien beacons to the centre of our explosive galaxy and proof of galactic superwaves, a word so cool I named my company after it.


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