Leave a Light On Fer Yar

Hello there greater wideness of human!

I’ve been thinking recently about how everything I see, dream, think, feel is all from a ‘human’ perspective. Every reaction is human based. This has led me to consider life from the perspective of something else.

Philip K. Dick in ‘Our Friends From Frolix 8’ considers this very point. Imagine if simultaneously you are living the life of a human yet also the future police force of your time called Lies Inc. have mistakenly downloaded a computer feed from a rat living in an urban dwelling into your mind? So not only are you existing as human but this overlay is also happening to your sensory, somatic (Dick beloved word) and thinking mind. Confused?
You are concerned not only about how to pay the rent of your tiny apartment but in the same time-frame, alongside these concerns, there’s that shit who keeps trying to steal that ball of string you’ve spent ages collecting to make a comfy bed with. Are you rat or human?




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