Set in the year 2176 after Comet ‘La Toya’ approaches the Earth and causes major electric discharges resulting in massive earth changes.

The United States of America has fallen and has been superseded by the Alliance of Northern Islands which include the British Isles and Ireland.

The fashion for technology is in the style of the 1950s but with a modern twist ie TVs, computers and vehicles. SS Boden is the interplanetary ship piloted by the infamous protagonist Turbulence Adams. It looks like a huge 1950s American car. De rigueur.

Aboard the SS Boden…..

Stage is lit by old 1950s TV stage centre. Snow is on the screen. The rest of the stage is black.

Sound begins to come from the screen.

A disembodied voice comes through the ether filled with crackles and hisses…

English male voice(Control): Turbulence Adams! Turbulence Adams are you receiving us? Please reply! Turbulence Adams where are you? We need you Turbulence Adams!

Intro music to ‘Methane Rain’ starts.

A light comes up on a pod containing Turbulence. She is in stasis unable to communicate. We hear her voice as if it is her own thoughts.



Oh my mind I feel its going

Far from safe and urban dwellings

Cylindrical and plastic cover

Everybody says Ill be ok

Fingertips caress the controls

Im dropping ship I am the payload

Brace myself and check for contact

Everybody hopes Ill be ok

Everybody says Ill be ok

(The pod opens and we see Turbulence.)

Its raining tonight over my skin


Remember mama when I told you

Keep your job and family happy?

But nothing gains me nothing leaves me

Yet everybody thinks that Im ok

(Lights come up on stage and the TV screen begins to show images)

Commandeering all the planets

Given time I knew Id do it

Leave me now Im going through it

Everybody thinks that Im ok

But something tells me that maybe Im not ok

Its raining tonight over my skin



Welcome Turbulence Adams

This is control

Please connect

Ship Computer: Systems 2.5 methane content at 86% and climbing.

Turbulence moves groggily out of the stasis pod and to the screen. She presses buttons which make noises- blips and blops.

Turbulence: Control this is Turbulence Adams. We have a breach in the outer hull. Computer! Statis report!

Ship Computer: Forming exoskin over breach in bow. Methane content 66% 64% and falling.

Turbulence: Hurry!

Ship Computer: 36.1% Life systems are within normal parameters.

Turbulence: Check cargo hold.

Ship Computer: Radiation and methane levels nominal.

Turbulence: That was close. Control, system is stabilized. Why didn’t you wake me earlier?


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