Penny’s Diary

Thursday 25th August 2011

I woke up about 1pm and feeling slightly rubbery and round ie tired I attempted to shrug off my shackles and get on Uptown Girl to get away from the students that have arrived early in the area.

I stopped off at the Centra in the HolyLands to buy some ciggies. The shop was crawling with students. I often wonder why students don’t go across the water to experience life in another country. Why the hell do they stay here? Rosie, my step-daughter has said that she would like to go to Jordanstown or Queens for university. I don’t quite understand this.

Is it because they’re scared of being away from home? It must be.

Anyway their monotone accents annoyed me a lot plus the fact that they all look the same. The males all seem to dress in unstylish sports gear, usually sporting GAA tops which in my opinion is not how students should dress. The females all have been tangoed and have the same hair dye colour which to me indicates a severe lack of imagination and general balls.

I cycled down to the Lagan just off the Lower Ormeau. This part of the cycle path has ruts all along the path that some bright spark thought would make it look more rustic, but it plays havoc with your suspension and jars your teeth and can give you a headache. I’ve heard from other bike users that they find this equally annoying. I tried to cycle over these bricks without causing my bike wheel to skid. It was raining.

I stopped off for a fag along the water. The last time I was here was with Adam and Gary at the start of the summer and there were loads of seagulls on the structure in the river. I think this structure was used at one time for boats to tether to but I’m probably wrong. There is a board with pictures of the different types of birds that frequent the area. I saw some young ducks.

In the back of my mind was the intention to cycle the length of the Comber Greenway. I’d cycled some of it when I’d gone out to Dundonald hospital to visit my friend Steph and her newborn baby Ruairi. Ruairi is a girl and this is an unusual name for a girl but apparently it does exist as a girl’s name.

The Greenway is quite tough to cycle as it’s mostly uphill. Also it was raining and there was quite a bit of wind. I cycled through the back of Ballybean estate and suddenly I was in the country. I checked the maps that someone had left along the way and discovered that I wasn’t far from Comber. I stopped off and updated photos to Facebook in case anyone was interested. I took a photo of Scrabo tower but you can’t really see it.

There weren’t many people on the path which suited me fine as I don’t really like people that much.

Finally I came to the end of the path and was on a main road and saw a sign for Comber ½ mile and thought, well it would be rude not to cycle into Comber and go see my brother and his wife in their coffee shop Sugarcane. I’ve been meaning to do this all summer.

I made it to Sugarcane and asked for Peter and Emma. Peter wasn’t there but Emma was in the kitchen and came out and had a cup of tea with me and gave me 2 lollies. It was really good to see her. She looks well and is good craic. It seems that running a busy coffee shop has plenty of headaches. I’m glad I’m not working there. I don’t think I could stick it. It would feel like prison to me.

Emma came out and checked out Uptown Girl and waved me off. The way home was a piece of piss. I did notice that I could free-wheel a lot of it which proves my point of it being uphill on the way to Comber. Before I knew it I was in East Belfast and the heavens opened and the rain was pouring down off my nose which I must admit I do love. It’s so nice to be beside water and in Belfast one is never far away from it.

I made it home, stripped off my wet leggings and donned what I’d slept in. I watched loads of crap TV, farted about on the internet, ate, tried to play Bioshock 2 and finally gave it all up and went to bed to read.


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