It’s been a while since I last wrote properly. A lot has happened.
I’ve been through the turbulence of love, the winding steams of grief and thinking. We’ve all spent our times going under, searching and honing in on blips on the horizon, wherever that horizon may be.

It’s been five months since my last confession…

The dark has been all consuming yet I have come out into light. My father, on the flipside  has worked out that helium is the way to go. Apparently if you breathe enough without our own Earth air ie. oxygen, nitrogen etc (need to look it up) you will eventually fall asleep. So I asked my Dad how would that kill you? He said that if you stick a mask on with tape or otherwise then the job will be done. His plan is to set off in his very expensive boat, head north, tie on the helium mask and just expire.
Is that a typical Viking send off?

Me and my beloved are going to Marracech in January. I haven’t been on holiday since 1994. The last time I went on an actual holiday was with my friend Julie from Henley.

Which way or how would you like to die?

I have recently re-read via Kindle my favourite book. It being…
The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien.


I’m good. In regards to Mum dying I’m good. She is a part of me, she is within me. I see the future. I no longer want to die. I so totally did two months ago but I am pretty great now. I kinda love life. I am not coming back though. I’m done with the whole repeat experience. I’m off after this and I’m leaving on a high. Word to your ma.



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2 Responses to Quadrified

  1. 416 says:

    Well I hope you do come back. Enjoy the hol, I’m certain you deserve a getaway.

  2. shanokee says:

    You know I mean this life. I’m not coming back around again. Thanks hon. xx

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