Werner Herzog made a remake of the original black and white silent film by F.W. Murnau of the same name Nosferatu. They couldn’t call the original Dracula because of ownership rights from Bram Stoker’s estate. Rightly so, yet it enabled the myth of ‘Dracula’ to extend like a virus out amongst the common people.
In the Werner Herzog remake the character of Lucy is the centre star of the story. It is she that remains pure and offers her life to save that of her husband and all humanity. It is she that the church and elders realise that they have should have listened to, even though they shrug her off like a silly lovestruck girl believing that they hold the power and knowledge of human life.

She walks through a world of madness and plague knowing the desperate truth and it is only she who has the clear view and stark realisation of the extreme sacrifice that only she can undertake. Everyone else is swept away in delusion – the church, society, money men; the whole fabric of real life is part of this mass hypnosis under sway of the Death King, Nosferatu.
She alone through her love for her husband sees the greater picture and ultimately sacrifices herself to save him. Yet still the rot pervades.
I love how Werner Herzog gently tells the story of Lucy, for it is she that speaks to us in an archetypal form of knowledge/gnosis,  deep understanding, sacrifice, female comfort and strength. She is complexity and beauty inside and out. A proper human.


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