House Clearance!

Any old iron! Any any any old iron!
Roll up for the great beyond.

Hello missus!
Whaddya want? You want an ornament?
We got many fancy particulars, strange items imbued with the elements of FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR and also those other ethereal ones that are beyond ANYONE’S awareness!

Stand back and let the other world REVEAL!
For we have heard the voice from the outer worlds.
It brings gifts of fuck up, stay strong, be you, but yet missus I hear a specific voice just for you.
In dreams it comes. Memory is not your friend missus. This heavy life we live in is so full of lightness and wonder. It is for you missus.
Let your feet be gentle upon this earth you tread.
Be kind to the animals and the river will always carry your name.



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