I took Mum to Greyabbey last year 2015. It was so peaceful. The photos were taken with the same old fashioned camera, yet she is framed differently which was my mistake, yet I find it interesting.

We wandered through the ancient ruins and had such fun. It was beautiful. We talked about how it must have been for the monks living there at the time. We looked at the Montgomery family’s graves and read the old script so beautifully engraved in stone.  That place will always be dear in my heart. I hope the daisies and buttercups grow always.

My mum said to me in the week before she died that her favourite memory in her entire life was seeing the total eclipse of the moon.

I’d phoned her up in the middle of the night to watch it and we watched the entire thing together. She told me it was the most incredible thing she’d ever seen. ‘A once in a lifetime event’ she said.

I wear her merino wool jumper tonight and bless the everything for the gift of her kindness and wit.


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