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Ok So here I am a month into the passing of my mum. What do I feel? I feel the same stuff I felt before. This material existence is awesome. Yes change is what happens. It just does. Justice doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Gods Are Calling

Everything is perfect. It all is. You are perfect.   Stop beating yourself up. You are just spot on right now. Don’t pay any attention to these words. What do I know. You already have the universe pulsing within you. … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol

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Hello Earth

  Strong as ox. Strong as leaves. Strong like bubblegum we. Push push and be delighted. Force is none. Straddling horses kicked on the rump. Dancing over bushes and fallen trees. Strong as unicorns we. Confessing. Speaking licking sucking teeth. … Continue reading

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Kula Shaker Great Hosannah

I put this stuff for me primarily but if you like it also then WINNA!

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Christoher Walken makes some Chicken

I think we should all cook chicken like this, that’s if you like chicken.

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Sam Rockwell Dancing Machine

And lo verily the angels bowed down and kissed the funky ground that Sam Rockwell danced on. Thus it has been said. Testify!

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