2015-11-30 17.07.50


I am happy again.

It’s a strange force I know, like little kitty cats on their backs and my mum being alive and me being in contact with my dad again and being in love. Why would I ever not be happy?
I am.
I love sci-fi and the search for other beings in this and other universes.  It’s the ultimate search. That, and the knowledge that we exist after death. They are the most ultimate for this human life.
This knowledge has been given to us since the beginning of time.
Those Khemitians knew their shit, they knew about life after death. We play it down in our advanced human thinking.
We, I believe, have become ashamed about being ourselves. Guilt is such a pile of poo.
We are amazing. The slugs are amazing, the trees, the cats, the dogs, the horses and the tiny microbes.




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