Who Rules The World?

I arrived home earlier on today in my little electric blue car and saw two fellas outside my house. I kinda wondered if they were there for the guy in the middle flat (who has been away all Xmas )  but they weren’t.
They were what I call god-botherers. So the first dude asks me to look at a range of different leaflets all in different colours and asks me,

‘Which question speaks to you?’

I had a brief look. I chose the one which said, ‘Who Controls The World?’
He then showed me the pamphlet. It offered me the suggestions:-

Is it God?
Is it humankind?
Is it other?

Me trying to be in some way connecting with these dudes said, ‘ Well if the universe and everything can be described in a shorthand then I guess I’ll pick, ‘Is it God?’, to which the god-botherer young guy replied,

“The answer is not what you’d expect. Let’s look it up in the scripture in Johns.’

Turns out according to the scripture of the Holy Bible (book) that …

wait for it… SATAN is in power RIGHT NOW.
So I asked, ‘Is Satan, Lucifer/evil (their word) in the rivers, the trees, the clouds etc.?’

They didn’t answer that.
I then asked, ‘So this book that was written so many years ago by some human blokes, you’re telling me that you live your life by it?’

They said, ‘Yes we live our life by the scriptures for it was written by God.’

‘So Handel’s Messiah, which is so beautiful and which expresses god in the universe, it’s made by Satan/Lucifer/evil/the devil?/ And all those amazing films and music, they’re all made by some male bad dude?’

This according to the JWs is true. They take this book as law for everything. These guys were young, healthy and searching. To me it is a cult.
I said,

‘What do you believe? Do you believe that evil exists? I don’t like that word ‘evil’, it’s inflammatory, we as humans are complex. We are destructive but is god not everything? Is god not the light and the dark, a duality? Are we not god? Are the clouds, the animals, the rivers and the movies all god?’
Then I said,’ Lovely to meet you guys, have a great Sunday and stay warm’ but the other quiet one asked what exact flat I lived in so they could come back and have more conversations and I told them.




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2 Responses to Who Rules The World?

  1. 416 says:

    Excellent. I love this.

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