Philip Kindred Dick

I have been reading his Exegesis since Xmas.
He goes round and round and round and round.
My beloved turned me on to PKD, and I took it and ran with it.
I read everything and then reread it. And then I downloaded stuff to my kindle and read that.
I love Maze of Death, Zap Gun, Ubik, Beyond Lies the Wub ( short story) and now I love his ramblings about his visions. I love how he goes round and round and still ends up at the same place which is that he has no idea other than he had some pretty amazingly open, elucidating experiences. He’s one of us who looks deeper. He questions, but I can understand why his brain exploded, that man never turned his brain off.
He was a searcher and that in my book is a good thing.
This all ties in with my previous post about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They speak like they know but when questioned, they have no clue. No-one  does.
I only know a few things:-


We exist after death of this physical body.
We exist on all dimensions at once.
Many different entities exist alongside with us.
The bass is the coolest instrument.



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