Louise Brooks

I was looking to find some link and I found this from Wikipedia:-

‘When she was 9 years old, a neighborhood predator sexually abused Louise. This event had a major influence on Brooks’ life and career, causing her to say in later years that she was incapable of real love, and that this man “must have had a great deal to do with forming my attitude toward sexual pleasure….For me, nice, soft, easy men were never enough – there had to be an element of domination”.When Brooks at last told her mother of the incident, many years later, her mother suggested that it must have been Louise’s fault for “leading him on”.’

Quite often I post and then add on some little snippets I’ve thought of afterwards.
How striking it is to look back on this woman’s career in film and find such a similarity with many female stars. She speaks in this documentary about the literal, ‘casting couch’ ( in her words it is a a very chic grey room) which we all know of in modern times. My own thoughts are then directed to stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean who was abused from such a young age and was then abused within the industry time and again.
It’s shocking to hear these woman speak so frankly about what was the ‘norm’ and yet this ‘norm’ is abhorrent. These humans and souls with glitter and vibrant energy, used by predatory males as commerce.
Those males themselves have been been used and abused within the social structure.
It’s all quite mad.
Even Eve herself was blamed for ‘the fall’, born form Adam’s own DNA formed by ‘God’ ‘himself’, written by some blokes way back then .  I hope that times have changed in some way.  Have they?
This life is diverse and complex. As humans we have always been many shades.
We should celebrate life in all its complexities.
We are not ‘male’ and ‘female’. We are souls. We are more than the duality. We are one.


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