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I Need a New Mic

I’ve been living with the hiss off my old T-Bone SCT-2000 for over 2 years and enough is enough. It broke after many studio sessions with Bonelord. Does anyone have any suggestions for a condenser ( doesn’t have to be) … Continue reading

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Karlheinz Stockhausen Sirius

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This dude speaks the truth. The first dude I mean. He as far as I can grab, ‘gets him’, cos as far as I can tell, he knew him. I’ve read a lot and I’ve read over half of the … Continue reading

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Philip Kindred Dick

I have been reading his Exegesis since Xmas. He goes round and round and round and round. My beloved turned me on to PKD, and I took it and ran with it. I read everything and then reread it. And … Continue reading

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Who Rules The World?

I arrived home earlier on today in my little electric blue car and saw two fellas outside my house. I kinda wondered if they were there for the guy in the middle flat (who has been away all Xmas )  … Continue reading

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