Ka and Ba



Since I was a little human I have been very interested in the what those cool cats the Ancient Egyptians had to say about life, the universe and everything. For a start I have learned that they were called Khemitians rather than Egyptians and that the God Ra was Re ( pronounced Rau). Osiris and Isis were Ausar and Auset. We’ve obviously got all the pronunciations wrong. That would make sense.

The Ancient Khemitians ( the land was called Khemit which became Egypt via the Greeks and pronunciation. The Kh is pronounced with a guttural sound. Slide that Kh in, like you have something to clear in your throat and have no time for letter specifics) had many ideas way above and beyond modern science and philosophy .

They conveyed their knowledge through symbols. Today we communicate complex ideas on the internet via memes. This is still not close to what they did.

The thing about those Ancient AEgyptians is that they had it all going on way back at the start. They didn’t write on walls the same way they did in later epochs yet it was the earliest of their times when all the cool stuff was laid down. Today we think we are so advanced with our glowing tablets. Those dudes built pyramids and vast monuments to the stars and the dimensions. Round the time of Ramesses II they had pretty much jumped the shark.

They lived their lives knowing we have many levels to existence. They understood the precessions of the universe, the different levels of consciousness and how to live life with the knowledge that life continues after death. The Ancient Egyptians span many thousands of years, mostly clouded in solar barques and gods.

The gods for them they considered the neterw which to our modern thinking represent principles of ideas, thoughts, concepts about life, the universe, the ether, from whence we became to which we return.

The stars themselves represented themselves on land. Represented in stone. Vast connected temples of stone, for stone is like the the earth.

Yet the Ancient Egyptians also understood the subtle bodies.

This is is my take as far as I can express it:-

The Ka = the subtle energy body which exists within out own physical body and out into the field. It is tied to this physical realm yet it can journey beyond. I have my own knowledge and experience of this Ka. It permeates my physical body. I have separated from my physical completely consciously and I believe that this is what the Ancient Egyptians were talking about. It’s the out of body body. It’s our double. They refer to it as the double. Carlos Casteneda refers to it as the double.
It is, in a way, a double blueprint of this physical body yet on a faster vibratory wave. Like all of these concepts or experiences it is very hard to describe in words. If I have any word of advice to attain this state it is to watch your dreams and become conscious of the place between sleep and waking.
This sculpture could represent the two entwining snakes of energy coming through the body and up through the top of the head which enables that out-of-body-state.

The Ba = the soul.


As far I can gather what they are referring to is the part of us beyond this physical plane of dimension. Some may call it our ‘higher selves’. Maybe it’s that of us which travels across boundaries which the Ka cannot. I’m not sure. They seem to know. They know/knew so much.

The Ab = the heart. Yet from my understanding they may be referring to the solar plexus, the seat of the will. I think that both are connected within Ancient Egyptian understanding. In Indian understanding the chakras communicate that the solar plexus may be where the will resides. In Ancient Egypt they believed that the Heart Chakra was The Balance. For me, when the heart begins to pulse in deep trance, that is the gateway to the outer realms.

The Akh= this seems to be the super-soul. The Divine consciousness. Once again I cannot report back on this.


The Khat = is our physical body. If you lived in Co. Antrim you would know that our reference to something as Khat means it’s shit. Funny that. Sometimes words journey. We pronounce it as Cyat. Earth. Substance. Material. This realm.

Khaibit= a tricksome creature this. The shadow self is tied to this world of substance and yet also of dreams. It’s hieroglyph is an umbrella, literally. Russell Brand once referred to him being on drugs as being under a drug-umbrella. Maybe this is what the the Khaibit refers to. The darker, existential sided of our souls on this existence.

Ren= all I know is Ren and Stimpy.



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