I Can’t See Where I’m Going. Can You?


I just drove over 300 miles from Belfast to Portlaoise and back again. When it was light it was grand, I could bomb my way down that motorway like a pro, but when it got dark – different story.
Maybe it’s my headlights ‘cos I can’t see where the road is going yet other folk are basically throwing their Audis at 95mph-plus in the fast lane like they’re Paul Atreides once he’s drunk the water of life. They either have precognisant-sight, better headlights than me or they’re just bonkers.
When I was young I had no problem doing 70 on the motorway in the dark but now I can hardly tell where the turns in the road are.
As for driving through the M50 in Dublin – I curse that road. It scares the hell out of me. Lanes turn into other lanes without warning. I’m sure if I drove it every day I’d know where I was going. There had been an accident on the other way headed West coming home and the traffic was at a standstill for about 6 miles, a massive sandwich of cars, vans and lorries. I drove past praying for safe passage home.
I listened to a guy on Radio 4 talking about how motorways are the safest roads to drive on. It’s when people change lanes that the danger kicks in.  A lot of folk spend a lot of time changing lanes on the motorway, quite often with no indicators on. My good friend said she thinks that shopping centre car parks are the most dangerous because it’s like a free for all and the rules of the road don’t seem to apply.
In the dark on the way home with very little forward vision I honoured and blessed the beautifully lit truck in front of me doing a steady 60.  Stay safe out there and remember, there’s no rush to the end of the world.



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4 Responses to I Can’t See Where I’m Going. Can You?

  1. 416 says:

    When I got my license (about 5 years ago) I drove at night with one headlight, completely…er…in the dark if you follow. Two made a difference. That’s the greatest story I’ve ever told.

  2. little cosmic thing says:

    Dune eh? great film……one of my all time specials! Lots of useful info about the nature of this time?space?dimension were living in. Personally i dont drive anymore as i feel happier without the rush,rush,anger that i observe on the roads these days. Enjoying reading some of your posts recently….im new to this lark and you are so far the only individual ive come across who seems to think in a similar way to me?! Im learning as i go but since 2012 my eyes are opening to the actual reality of existence and the difficult yet rewarding lessons we must all tread on our unique roads of realization!!! PEACE

  3. shanokee says:

    May I make a late suggestion to you little cosmic thing. Go for a wee drive. Just go. Surround your car in light before you set off and just drive.

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