What’s Your Purpose?


I’m not sure there really is a purpose. That may sound nihilistic. It isn’t. We all run around like headless chickens trying to improve our lots. Ambition is seen as a good thing.
I have no ambitions. I used to but they ultimately brought me disappointment. I liken ambition to hope. Both are false promises. They are made of diaphanous material. They are the floaters in my eyes. I pay them no heed.
I work with what I experience. No-one can tell me how to live my life. The whole point of life, I believe, is to be alive. It’s not to make money, be a success or eat organic. The point is the living.
No-one has the answer. No-one can dictate.
My purpose is to keep breathing til my body takes it’s last breath in this reality, then I’ll be more in another reality than this one. I’ve never questioned life after death. I’ve always taken it as a given.
I’m not religious yet I see truth at the essence of religion. Do I believe in God? I’m not sure. I do feel that everything has a complexity and simplicity to it’s structure that is so beyond words and explanation that I guess using the term God may in some way describe that.
All human concepts about life, the universe and everything are expressed in human language. That’s why I love the language of dream. It’s free, morally and symbolically. There are no constraints.
Just because a bunch of humans say something is so does not make it so for you. They are not the boss of you. Your life is yours to live how you wish.
I choose to live mine quietly, passing time breathing, eating, sleeping, dreaming, laughing, loving, being loved, being annoyed, sad, angry, depressed, buoyant,  cynical, terrified, anxious, ambivalent, confused, relaxed, aware, inspired, alert and all the rest, just waiting for the ultimate trip into the next bubble of immensity.


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One Response to What’s Your Purpose?

  1. little cosmic thing says:

    Beautifully put…. My personal view on the label that is ‘GOD’ is that so far all the many descriptions and stories,which are so similar really,are filled with truths and lies written by men trying to be the one to find the one definative truth. However we each find/live our own truth which is different to everyone else’s. NO one is more right or wrong than anyone else. I agree with you that life just has to be kept simple,honest and above all authentic.All of us make mistakes so forgiveness and non judgement has to be the aim of all wise,thinking individuals. Obviously the confusing search in spiritual philosophys is essential to grow and then transform into a more human being. However, like most things they come full circle and leave us wanting to simplify and condense into a useful personal way of living. The cliche of just be positive and love thy neighbour has real merit in my opinion and im trying to overcome my weakness’ as best i can.The process never ends and once we achieve a goal the feeling of satisfaction wanes fast so like you i dont have many ambitions anymore. Being calm and neutral whilst choosing what i observe is my direction at the moment,not being led,pushed and pulled by the whims of those who are meant to know better!? Im open to the idea of an intelligent,omnipotent being in charge of everything but at the monent i see it as just my source….a type of loving,creative energy that i do not understand but realise i,like you are a part of it. Thank you so much again for allowing me to read your blog…im always impressed by people that think and feel in an authentic,unique manner! PEACE

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