That General Feeling of Fuck Off


I like people in general.
What I don’t like are middle-aged bores who constantly want to tell the world how amazing they are at being awesome. Love and light people. Angels. All that jizz.
I’m talking bout those of us who constantly post ‘inspiring’ memes, who are totes political on social netverks, who want to save the fucking universe one twat at a time, those who take pictures of themselves doing yoga poses.
I am sick of your egotistical shit.
This is why I tend to explode with a rant because I deleted my FB profile and kept it dead for a whole year and a half but now for ‘marketing’ purposes I now have a new one. It’s total and utter bullshit. These people must be stopped.
They sicken my fucking happiness daily. Super awesome!
I’m part of ‘holistic’ groups on FB due to the nature of what I do. Some of those fuckers are really grinding my gears. Anyone who actually calls themselves an ‘inspirational speaker’ or ‘life coach’ can coach my flatulent ass.
I worked in the ‘industry’ of music for 15 fucking years of my life. I know bullshit when I see it. I know ego when I see it and these fuckers have it in spades but they parade it behind New Age buzz words and self-opinionated twaddle about angels and mindfulness. Mindfulness is such a crock of Western bullcrap that it actually makes me want to puke. People get paid to be experts on it. It is the most patronising load of codswallop. Basically just be immersed in the moment. But you wouldn’t understand that. You need to be educated. I as a spokesperson and expert on being alive in the moment can coach you on how to be alive.
Are you awake? Are you one of the awakened? Fuck off.


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