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The Riding Stars – Cut Them Loose

I sat up late again last night. My sleep has been up the left since the black dog caught hold of me. I sleep when I should be awake and vice versa. Most times I don’t want to wake up. … Continue reading

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Play All Three

Play all three videos at the same time.  

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Ka and Ba

  Since I was a little human I have been very interested in the what those cool cats the Ancient Egyptians had to say about life, the universe and everything. For a start I have learned that they were called … Continue reading

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Mash Up This

As an experiment try playing all 3 of these together at the same time. Yes it’s ‘ambience’ but for this, let’s just go with ‘ambiance’.

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The Gobbins

  I went here today. It was class. Can you see Skull Rock?

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I Can’t See Where I’m Going. Can You?

  I just drove over 300 miles from Belfast to Portlaoise and back again. When it was light it was grand, I could bomb my way down that motorway like a pro, but when it got dark – different story. … Continue reading

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What’s Your Purpose?

I’m not sure there really is a purpose. That may sound nihilistic. It isn’t. We all run around like headless chickens trying to improve our lots. Ambition is seen as a good thing. I have no ambitions. I used to … Continue reading

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