Walk Your Mind

I’m in Tralee in Kerry. I woke up very hungover and instead of wallowing in self-pity I headed out for a walk. I wanted to be near water as it always soothes and detoxes and the Wetlands proved a good place to start. I sat on a picnic bench away from people, faced the mountains and chanted. Shante prachante sarva shu-shupti upasha mani swaha. It’s for laziness and it works. I walked through beautiful countryside smelling cows and horses, each with their own distinctive odor. To my left were the rolling soft mountains sweeping down to the sea. In the distance I saw what I thought was a lighthouse and tipped my head towards it. It wasn’t a lighthouse, but a windmill. Blennerville windmill.

2015-02-14 13.07.25

Windmills give me the willies but I walked past it and noticed it also had its own distinctive scent, one of fusty old buildings and wood treatment.
I found a little wall by the water and watched two crows bullying and dive-bombing a smaller bird in flight. The sun was shining and I was warm enough to take off my jacket for the first time this winter.
I took out my mala I made for chanting and held up my meru against the mountains.

2015-02-14 13.13.33Meru is the 108th bead of a mala and literally means mountain so it’s a pretty apt picture. The mountain of the meru represents the lofty heights of transcendence, a beautiful place of clarity which is in everything and is all around us and within.
I was so happy there that I laughed out loud. This really is a most wonderful plane.

2015-02-14 13.19.55


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