Lime Green Glowing Entity

I was born strange.
My parents thought I was strange.
I must have been about 9 when the entity came into my room. I’d always heard voices in bed at night. It scared me senseless. I would lie there battling the urge to scream while I heard my name being called gently in my ear then gradually it would get louder and faster, like they were intentionally trying to terrify me, to mock me. Nearly every night was a battleground to maintain my sanity. I was so young. I knew I was different.
It was summer, I remember. The hall light was on and my bedroom door was open as I couldn’t sleep with it closed due to night terrors. My parents must have been downstairs watching tv.
I was facing the wall in my little single bed in my little tiny room and I heard a wind and a flapping of my curtains which I remember finding strange at the time as I’m fairly sure that it was a still night and I’m also fairly sure that the little window was closed.
The sound of the wind brought me from slumber to full alertness. I was hyper sensitive.
I felt a gentle tugging at my bed clothes and I knew that this was not something that should be in my room with my parents downstairs oblivious. There was a heightened sense of strangeness but also a readiness like I had been primed and prepared for this.
I turned around slowly in my little bed to face away from the wall and I saw what I took to be a ‘male’ glowing lime green entity at the side of my bed. The substance of it’s body was made up of tiny points of bright green light. The light looked organic yet ephemeral and I could see through ‘his’ body to my dressing table behind. At this point I only saw the middle section of the body. Some how he communicated to me in my mind without words not to look at his face, so I didn’t but then it all escalated and the entity was right up beside my pillow and I could see yellow glowing see-through hands reaching out towards me. Funnily to me it looked like he was wearing Marigolds, the latex gloves people would use for washing dishes to protect their hands. Bright glowing yellow. He was reaching out with both hands and it looked sinister, like he was going to strangle me, but I’m not sure that it was meant that way and at that point I called out in my mind to please go away, that I was only young and that ‘it’ was terrifying me and that I was going to turn around in my little bed and put the covers over my head and that ‘he’ was going to please leave me because I wasn’t ready for this.
So that’s exactly what I did and I listened and heard the same strange wind and the flapping of the curtains again and then I think I must have been in shock yet still in a very calm state and I must have gone to sleep.
My mother told me years later that when she was about 11 that she had been sent to bed early for misbehaving and that when she was awake in her bedroom a small black gnome like creature came down the chimney, out of the fire place, across the room towards her with it’s finger pointed up towards the centre of her forehead. She says she then ran screaming from the room down to my granny who poo-pooed her story as an excuse to come downstairs. She told me that it was as real as anything, that she was definitely not asleep and that it was terrifying.
For all of these years since then I have wondered what my lime green glowing entity was and why he came to me. Was he an inter-dimensional traveller? Was he a future me coming through on a frequency?
I know that he communicated to me and I know that I stayed completely calm, like it was something that in some way I had been primed for. I’ve toyed with the idea of having hypnotic regression to try and remember more from that night. Was I taken somewhere?
It has affected me deeply in life and I have been visited by other completely different entities since then.
I’ve looked up lime green glowing entities online and could only find one reference on a random ufo/alien visitation log page. It didn’t give any information so I am putting mine out there to hopefully find someone who has perhaps met something similar that may be able to shed some light on who this entity is and what the purpose of my experience was.
I’ve always been a sensitive. I can see auras, I can feel time paths. My life interest is consciousness expansion. I travel when I sleep. This reality is but a dream. All dimensions are here.


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  1. L.B. says:

    At age 11 or so, my class went to stay on the Toronto Islands for a week at an old boarding school. There was a ‘haunted’ lighthouse nearby — they told us that in the War of 1812, a couple of British soldiers had been chopped up and buried on the site.
    I woke in the wee hours one morning and saw a blue-ish figure sitting calmly on a bed — the bed of a kid who’d been sent home. The figure was cut in half, head to toe. Thank f**k it ain’t happened since, but it scared the bejeezus out of me for years to come.

  2. tool1984 says:

    From around age 7 I use to wake up at night frozen in place . I would hear what sounded like whispers at first but quickly became blarring Screams as very rapidly, a lime green glowing almost static like entity comes to the side of my bed. I always became scared because I didnt know what it wanted. I used to be told by my family I would be screaming at the top of my lungs afterward. This was a common occurance for me. I can also see auras and have small amounts of telekinetic powers and pretty sensitive, seen many shadow figures and gone OOB quite a bit. I know Im different and more consciously aware than most. Im glad to here Im not the only one seeing this. But anyone figure out why they are trying to contact or interact with us??? Everything Ive read about this is from people Psychically aware

    • shanokee says:

      FINALLY someone who has seen the same thing as me! Thank you so much for replying to this! I also can see auras and am psychically aware. I’ve seen a shadow person too. I’ve seen a leonine entity clear as day and also a floating female with laser like eyes but the lime green glowing one was really bugging me as I couldn’t find anyone on the net who had mentioned ‘him’. He was made up of little points of glowing energy kinda like how the aura can look organic. I like how you said ‘almost static like’ cos that’s EXACTLY what I saw too. Also I would hear sounds that would get louder and faster, quite often my name being called. SO so strange though. I would love to know what it was all about. I wonder if we were taken anywhere. I would love to be regressed.
      Did you ever notice the hands? Did you see a face? ‘He’ told me not to look at his face cos I reckon he knew it would freak me out. It didn’t feel negative, just so so weird.

  3. VT Tattoor says:

    HEy great story…I dont know if Ill ever be able to discuss this with you but I would be interested as…I too have experienced a yellow/green entity made of a static like aura…..I too just “knew” the gender…it was a woman she was eerily floating down the hallway of my apartment when I was a young child …. I was probably around 5-8 years old….I knew that it was a young woman….I did the exact same thinng and put the covers over my head and hoped she would go away…..I screamed for my mom to flip the light switch on …we lived in a small studio apartment so we shared the room…any way she wrote it off that night when it happened….but the next day she told me that the reason we moved into the apartment is that it became available about a month prior to moving in when the young woman that lived there took her own life via pill overdose….I have since then had many encounters with the unknown

    • shanokee says:

      So interesting. I’d love to hear about your other experiences. This reality can be a bit dull sometimes with all its war and greed. Anything that opens up the dimensions is cool in my book.
      It’s interesting to hear that your green entity may have been a passed on human. I don’t ‘feel’ that mine was. I’ve had loads of different thoughts on it. Sometimes I feel he was a traveler, sometimes I feel he had a message. Either way I think it’s a very special thing to be visited and at this point in my life I look back and sense that they’ve been there watching me all the time and rooting for me to find my path.

  4. This is the first reference I have ever heard of such a thing other than my personal experience as a child I always used to “feel” things and I had multiple interactions with this “man” as a child when I would walk into a room go to turn on the lights and they would look as if they short out, turning on for a brief moment and then quickly shutting off, then the glowing green man would appear I remember being able to feel him long before I saw him each interaction was the same I would walk into a room turn on the lights the lights would “burn out” and then the hand would begin to protrude from the wall I remember each interaction very vividly as it terrified me. the had would reach out to me and call to me I remember feeling intrigued by the arm and wanting to inspect it, but I always became fearful, and I would close my eyes tight and pray for protection, when I would open my eyes the lights would be on and the figure would be gone all my interactions with this man went the same way with the exception of the last time I ever saw “him” I remember going up to the hand, unable to control my curiosity, when he started to come toward me I was terrified I felt as if he was going to take me, I didn’t know where, but the idea of going with him was one of the scariest things I have ever felt, this was the only time he ever came all the way out of the wall, and that is the only thing I remember from my last interaction with “him” and after that I never saw him again, I have been trying to explain this my whole life and to this day if I walk into a room and turn on a light and it goes out right away I refuse to enter the room I feel the terror like I did the last time I saw “Him”

    • forgot to put notify on 🙂

    • shanokee says:

      The plot thickens! I’m so glad to hear that I’m not alone in this experience. How many times did you see him and what age were you?

      • I cant remember exactly, I would say I saw him about 6 times at least before my last encounter, so a total of 7 times or so, and I saw him between the ages of 5 and 11 give or take a few years I don’t remember exactly but I remember I was young, this is the only time I have heard of anyone else experiencing this and I am glad I am not CRAZY lol thanks for putting up the post shanokee, and thanks for replying so promptly, from what I can tell from the previous posts he tries to appear to children and it seems he tries to make them comfortable before he tries to take them… What is “it”

  5. I would also like to point out maybe the reason that there is almost no account of this other than this post is because if you go with “him” you don’t come back…

    • shanokee says:

      Woo! Do you reckon?? Wow. It’s bugged me all my life. It’s so interesting to know that we have a shared experience. There have been many times in life that I would happily have gone with him. When I was really young I wanted ‘them’ to come and take me back to my true home. Maybe his visit was a chance to go back before my life began properly, before puberty kicked in and all the distractions that go along with that. I’ve always felt out of whack with this world.
      I’ve thought about him so much. Did you see his face? He told me not to look at his face as it might have freaked me out.
      Another entity I saw was a leonine being, a male. I saw him on the cusp of out of body state. He was standing in a sandstone corridor lit by torch light. He was very intense. He looked like a king. He also looked like he was calmly watching and waiting for me. I’ve wondered if him and the green glowing guy were connected in any way. I’ve read that others have encountered these leonine beings. Apparently they’re actually pretty friendly but scary in their power.
      You talk about the lights burning out. Does he use electricity as a power source to be able to appear?
      I heard him coming because of the wind in my bedroom, even though the window was shut.

      • interesting… I have also always felt out of place in this world, I was talking to someone else yesterday and they mentioned I should look up fey (ferries) as it sounded a lot like a fey to them, (i.e. only appears to children, glowing like entity, tries to take children) what you are describing to me sounds like what Thoth saw in the beginning of his journey, if you have not I highly reccomend you take a look at “the emerald tablets of Thoth” it is a great book you can find the full thing on youtube here:( )

        its crazy I don’t remember seeing a face, i remember looking at it but not seeing any distinct features like you would see in a human or animal, he was tall and skinny I do remember that…

      • shanokee says:

        Funny you should mention Thoth cos I looked for ages to try and find the leonine being listed in any ancient gods. I finally found an Ancient Egyptian one called Maahes who seems to be a bit of a badass. James Gilliland talks a lot about the leonines.
        I’ve read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth but the version I read was very short, this(your) version I have seen online but thought it was a modern channelled version added on to the myth of the first?
        In regards to
        the fey, yes I know what you are referring to. The Tuatha de Danaan in Ireland were the original people of Ireland who had to go underground when humans came. They became the fairy-folk we hear of today. There is also a link between the Tuatha de Danaan and Ancient Egypt.
        Either way these dudes have been around for eons. They seem to operate inter-dimensionally. The fact that your lights burned out indicates that it takes manipulation of power sources to be able to appear in some form ‘here’.
        Ah if only we had some answers! Still, I am so glad to know that this world is far more magical than some people imagine!
        Could you see through your dude?

      • yes he was glowing and transparent… I also wish we had some answers, do you think you would go with “him” if he where to appear to you again, I was thinking the other day and I dont know what I would do if he showed up again…

  6. shanokee says:

    Well if he did I would be asking him some questions before I decided to do anything!

  7. stacy says:

    I am 33yrs old and right now I am living at my elderly grandmother’s house with my girlfriend and our 3 children ages 10 5 and 2. My grandmother has early stages of dementia. She was being extremely nasty every time she came out of her room. Acting very hateful and mean. Around this time me and my girlfriend were having strange things happening late at night a lot of times like around 3 am. Feeling the presence of something being there. One night I went down to the basement to do laundry and right outside the basement window a GLOWING GREEN ENTITY with BLACK ALMOND SHAPED EYES was STARING RIGHT AT ME like it wanted to DEVOUR MY SOUL is how it MADE ME FEEL. I had to shake my head cause it was like I couldn’t believe that I was really seeing. But I was. It looked VERY SINISTER. I slowly walked a little closer and moved my head side to side to I don’t know maybe to see it from a different angle. My brain was still trying realize that this is real that this THING IS REALLY HERE. I AM NOT HALLUCINATING. I walked backwards not wanting to turn my back to this thing and went upstairs to get my girlfriend who was on the 3rd floor. I yelled to her to come here quick. As we were going downstairs I was telling her what I saw and it was gone. I went back upstairs and went online trying to find the same thing I saw because while very interested in ufos and aliens I had never seen or heard of anyone talking of something like this. I typed GLOWING GREEN ALIEN and FOUND A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I SAW THE SAME EYES AND EVERYTHING. I BURST OUT IN TEARS IMMEDIATLY UPON SEEING THIS. On the video the being was like crouching behind a rock in the darkness and the person filming was zooming in and out and this THING WAS GLOWING IN THE DARKNESS. BUT THOSE BLACK EYES REALLY FREAKED ME OUT. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE IDONT KNOW WHO FILMED IT BUT IT IS REAL. LOOK UP GLOWING GREEN ALIEN. AND IF ANYONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS THING PLEASE REPLY AND TELL YOUR STORY.

    • shanokee says:

      I tried to look up a video for green glowing alien on youtube but couldn’t find one that sounds like what you mentioned. Maybe you could find it and post it here? Also please feel free to share this post. It’s so good to hear of others that have shared this experience. I find it interesting that you saw its eyes and that they were black and almond shaped which to me sounds very much like the grey alien entities that people have reported seeing. This also interests as my green entity communicated that I not look at his face.

  8. stacy says:

    I think these things feed off of our negative energy fear anger pain agony and try to influence our thoughts even to promote these thoughts and feelings. After seeing this I wrote a long letter to my gram letting her know how her yelling at anger were effecting everyone ecspecially the kids and that’s not the lasting memories she wants to leave for them. I also told her how much I love her and how my pap who is deceased would not want her to act of feel this way and she should let the love come into her heart. I also wrote prayers on a pieces of paper saying IN THE NAME OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST TO GO AWAY FROM HERE THAT YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AND I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN. Me and my girlfriend then held hands with our hands on the several pieces of paper and asked GOD TO BLESS THEM AND TO GRANT THEM THE POWER NEEDED TO KEEP OUT ANY EVIL SPIRITS ENTITIES OR PHYSICAL BEINGS THAT MEANT US ANY HARM. I then PUT THE PRAYERS WRITTEN ON THE PAPER THAT GOD BLESSED AROUND THE WINDOWS AND DOORS ECSPECIALLY THE ONES IN MY CHILDRENS BEDROOM. After that all the strange noises feelings of evil presence and my gram being mean all stopped. So these BEINGS ARE REAL AND LOVE CAN DEFEAT THEM THEY KNOW NOTHING OF LOVE ONLY HATE ANGER AND FEAR. SO IF THEY ARE HANGING AROUND ITS BECAUSE YOU OR SOMEONE AROUND YOU ARE FEEDING THEM. CUT OFF THEIR FOOD WITH LOVE.

    • shanokee says:

      You know I find it very interesting that I found that you had posted these comments on the morning of an eclipse.
      I’m really glad that you took control and that you told your Grandmother how she was making you feel. Good for you! We are powerful beings. Sometimes we forget that.
      I’m not a religious person but I am a very spiritual one and I agree that love and intention can move mountains. Thank you for sharing your experience. It really means a lot to know that I am not alone.
      I have read in a lot of places that there are dark entities that feed off our emotions of fear.

  9. LostPirate18 says:

    From as long as I can remember; Up until the last time @ 15 years old I was visited by “Him”, “It”
    He was a lime green glowing man, although he didn’t glow in the normal sense, the glow was bright but contained to his being, like Stacy the man that came to me had black almond shaped eyes; and a smile that was dis proportioned to his face, like a really sinister smile (like the cat in Alice in wonderland) although I was never frightened of him,
    I would wake from a deep sleep, standing near the window, like you the breeze against the curtain would wake me! (With it wide open, I always sleep with it shut or partially ajar)
    I wouldn’t see him straight away, id wake up and make my way back into bed not thinking anything of it!
    But the strangest thing would happen as soon as I get back into bed and fall into a deep sleep again, my dream would be an out of body experience! And id see myself standing near the window, looking over my shoulder out the window there he would be, smiling and glowing amongst the absolute cover of darkness! He would always be near the fence or on the roof of any house adjacent to the window!
    He was scary to look at, just his sinister smile and those beady eyes! But most times I was never frightened I was more intrigued you see, when I got closer too “Him” I would hear voices, just normal people talking, in conversation! But the closer I got the louder the voices and they would multiply ten fold, it sounded like a million people talking at once, most times and when I tried to single into one voice or concentrate too hard I would wake up, always in a cold sweat, drenched in sweat like I ran a marathon!
    The last time it happen to me at 15 my Ex GF said she walked into the room jumped into bed, she got a fright because I wasn’t there but got more of a fright when she seen me standing next to the window, she called out too me for 3 hours and I wouldn’t budge! She thought I was sleep walking and best not to disturb me so she fell asleep when I jumped into bed, I was startled that she was in the bed,
    (at her house we had to sleep separate rooms, until her dad fell asleep then she would sneak in then leave in the morning) the next morning we had a conversation about it, and she said at first she thought I was possessed, the temp was close to 14*c and I was standing in my boxers, without flinching!
    I’m not sure if I was possessed during the visits but I always felt that “He” although evil in appearance and scary, he was channelling messages too me! The voices are still here today, not in a I’m crazy hearing voices kind of way, when I have to problem solve or use my mind, there’s always different voices leading me! Giving me advice, telling me things, I’ve always listened and they’ve never led me astray!
    I believe he was a channel to another world, and as a friend through collective consciousness, or untapped knowledge it even past lives repeating themselves! Whatever it was, it was out of this world!

    • shanokee says:

      Very interesting! I too believe he was inter-dimensional, a portal. Thank you for coming here and sharing your experience. So good to know that now many people have shared an uncannily similar experience. Do you still have conscious out of body experiences today Isaac (if that is your name)?
      At one point I wondered if it could be me coming back through time to visit myself, but I’m not so sure. Needless to say, I know what I saw and I know it was ‘real’. Of course what exactly ‘reality’ is is what it’s all about I guess.
      To read that you guys saw his face is very interesting as he communicated to me to not look at this face which makes me think he cared. That, and the fact that he left when I asked him to.
      Have you ever come into contact with a leonine being?

      • LostPirate18 says:

        “It” was definitely something out of the ordinary, it was on my mind the other day so I googled it and found this! It is, I’ve always wanted to talk with someone who has had the “life event” like me, I kind of do have conscious out of body experiences, but not in the traditional sense, and yes that is my name what can I call you? What your saying does make sense to me, time travel through your own mind! In different planes of existence! like an alternate version of yourself! Interesting….
        It was real for me too! Have you heard of an Egregor? That’s what I think mine was,
        The Greek term means something like “to rouse from sleep, to be awake, to watch” but the word is Latin and means something along the lines of set of thought forms produced by a group of individuals on the astral plane, I was never scared of my “Visitor” I know it wasn’t an alien, or a daemon or anything sinister and evil, although it was odd, it intrigued me and influenced me! See In theory Egregors are a group of individuals influenced by ancient beings or entities to achieve a constant goal, it’s mostly associated with the occult and a linking to the illuminati how the rich and powerful pass down the knowledge generation too generation influenced through they dreams, if you follow what I’m saying, I believe mine was something similar because returning to your previous question, about conscious body experiences! I don’t have them anymore seeing the “Man” but the voices didn’t, when my mind processes things there’s a bunch of voices, similar too the meetings, all I heard were voices, messages from something or someone! And this might sound stupid, but it’s kinda like a 6th sense, my head is full of voices that the “being” left, instructions!
        Too a doctor or the general public id be crazy but I’m not, the person I am and the business I run was destiny, they gave me my dreams before they happen! My contact was an influencer, Like it was influencing me in my sleep; not possession but like the unlocking your subconscious, altering your future in your past! Sorry if I’m blabbering, and don’t think I’m insane, I’m not. No I’ve never heard of that before can you tell me about it?

      • shanokee says:

        My name is Penny.
        I looked up Egregor. I’ve never heard of it before. An interesting concept. Good for you for finding out about it and spreading your knowledge!
        The idea of an awaken-er and a watcher resonates with me. In regards to the leonine being please see my post Maahes and the original post contained within it .
        Robert Bruce referred to beings that await us on the edge of the astral. he called it The Dweller at the Gate and I believe that the leonine being I met was exactly that and the fact that he can be found in ancient cultures makes me think that others have seen him too. The Dweller at the Gate can also be our own astral energy body awaiting us, our second awareness which to some people can feel like another presence in the room.
        I think my lime green glowing entity was an actual being like the leonine one, but he was able to manifest in this physical reality. Like you, I too feel he was an ‘influencer’ I think some of us have been born already awake in this life and these entities are there to help guide us, to help keep us awake in this dream. I think they show themselves when we are young to help focus us and maybe they are ones we have known before we came here this time around. Maybe we had come to an agreement before that they would come to let us know that we are not alone in this heavy physical world, to remind us that we’re not the crazy ones, that we’re lucky to feel the different dimensions.
        This is a link to an experiencer survey that you may be interested in.
        I only believe that which I have experienced myself but I am open to ideas. I find them fascinating.
        I find it so fascinating too to know that I am not alone in my experience of this particular being.
        What is your business if you don’t mind me asking?
        I was a singer/songwriter for 20 years but have recently changed my path into sound therapy. Sound and vibration has captivated me all my life.

      • lostpirate18 says:

        🙂 a penny today, is a dollar tomorrow ❤ i read about the Egregors in a philip gardiner book "Secret Societies" he was using it as a reference and when i read it, it fit with my experience i'll never quite be sure what it was, or what it did all i can speculate! but an egregor or something similar when i look back to it now as an adult it was definitely an influencing factor in my growth.
        Leonine huh, it does sound interesting and similiar, yeah and i believe some are born awake and they do guide us, we all have voices in our heads. Its just if you listen or act on them! yeah i agree that they would come to as as kids where we are perceptive and open too anything where as an adult most would dismiss it. i checked it out the link was a bit freaky like at first i thought it wasn't relevant but as i answered questions it opened more! really interesting,!
        Its a sports management business, i help youths with management, recruitment and training im small scale atm have been for 7 years but my whole life i know in my heart mind body and soul, its what i was meant to do, it was my destiny! im meant to be doing this,
        try and find me on linkedIn my page anyways to have a browse Issac Ketchell – Associated Sports Management.
        I have no history of business, like in my family or relevant history as to why i do it, i believe im destined for big things and the "entity" put me on this road, that was no mistake!

  10. Sara says:

    im not sure if you’re still looking for instances of this encounter or not, but i just had a similar entity in my dream, came to the internet to find out what they might have been, but just like you i found no resaults.

    this entity, i could see his face and i could touch him, but seeing as the interaction took space in my dreamscape i dont find that as odd, i have always had control of my dreamscape.

    so i could see the guys face, but i cannot describe it besides saying it looked human, but that could be because of my dreamscape again.

    he started picking fights with the other people in my drean, so i stepped in and faught him, at the end of the fight he disappeared and i found him lying on the floor unable to move, and seeing as i was the only one who could see hear or touch him….

    one of the peoople in my dream was a psychic healer, i got her to help me heal him. he asked me why and i said “maybe you will learn” the healer could only heal him if i was touching the both of them.

    the only real difference between my interaction with the entity and yours, i think would be the location (my dreamscape and your real world) but i woke up before i could question the entity.

    oh and he was yellow in my dream not green.

    my email should you wish to reply “”

  11. Sarah says:

    I had an experience with a small person like creature with green glowing eyes. I believe I was six or seven years old. I woke in the night to find the form sitting on my tall white dresser that sat beside the head of my bed. It was looking down at me while mixing a glowing green substance in what looked like a pestle and mortar. I felt calm and safe and fell back to sleep. When I woke in the morning it was gone. I used to fear night time as I would hear sounds and even though I shared a room with my younger sister she would never hear anything. For years I would be so scared of going to bed that I would fall asleep on the floor outside of my parents bedroom.

  12. Jackie says:

    I have had several strange happenings since I was a child. I, to this day, am sensitive to other entities. However, one that scared the crap out of me was one that happened when I was about 12, I guess. I lived out in the country and had a huge bay window in my room. One night I awoke to a green glowing being outside my window. It was trying to talk to me, but I couldn’t understand it. My windows were shut, and I probably had auditory exclusion from being so terrified. I had a friend staying with me, and she saw it too. We were both frozen with fear. As fast as it had appeared, it had disappeared. I’ve never seen anything like that since, and I’m not sure I ever want to.

    • LostPirate18 says:

      It sounds like what happened to me although I’ve always woke up at the window looking at the green glowing thing and for you to have a friend that saw this Is interesting’ do you have any description of it? like anything.. I’ve taken a keen interest into this “thing” be it what it may. Did this only happen to you once?

  13. courtenay warren says:

    My name is Courtenay. I found this conversation looking for a similiar thing I saw as a child. It only happened once, and my sister and I both saw it.
    We were in bed for the evening, but not asleep. I was studying by alarm clock light(red digital), and she was chattering to me.
    Suddenly she screamed and I looked up and saw a lime green glowing symbol on the wall above our dresser. It was about 15 inches long, rectangular, and resembled asian lettering, or more resembled alien writing, such as they make up for sci-fi shows. We both came off our beds and flew across the room away from it, screaming, and then it was gone. It was intensely horrifying, for some reason, while it was visible.
    There were no possible sources for the light, we lived in the woods, no light coming in our windows, which had heavy curtains over them anyway. No electronic toys or radios, no laser devices. (It was the early 80s).Just a lamp and my clock.
    I’d really like to know someone else has seen this type of thing. Both of us saw it, but we keep getting told it was hysteria etc, that I guess made me see the exact same thing as her.

  14. niccole says:

    To start, I’ve always been sensitive to “other dimensions” ..and have a few stories to share- but this one, as Im extremely curious to what I saw two nights ago.
    Two nights ago I woke up at 315am (Saturday night /Sunday Morning) feeling unsettled (I knew right away my spiritual sensitivity was heightened at this hour from previous experiences -plus I am aware this is the witches hour.
    Anyway, I sat up -looked around, and quickly fell back to sleep. I fell asleep on my back -which I never do, because I always seem to have an “supernatural experience” when I sleep on my back such as sleep paralysis -and once an unwanted OBO (another story).
    Back to the bright green entity -I fell asleep on my back and had a very strange /weird dream. I was having sex with my ex-husband in my bedroom (which felt verrrry real) -we both heard a noise and I peaked around him his shoulder -and I saw this bright green, glowing entity, (don’t really remember the eyes, but I know they were scary), and lots of teeth watching us with a wicked smile. I could sense this thing had some sort of intention -but I’m a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, which I believe saved me from being engulfed with fear. I KNEW I was okay -but keeping it real, I was still frightened. Never saw ANYTHING like this before. I’ve seen a 2 spirits, I’ve had one OBO, and I’ve had ONE encounter with astral spiders (crawling on my THEN husband. Those events were not dreams, they were very real.
    Back to this green thing – In this VERY REAL DREAM could only see his head and upper body it was sticking out from the wall – just staring at us. I told my ex not to make it obvious, but to look back at tell me if he can see what I’m seeing. He was frozen with fear. THEN- it stared reaching for us, without moving his body from the wall. His arms were like tree branches or something. I woke up before it touched us.
    THE NEXT MORNING -My ex-husband comes over, as our teenage daughter had to sing in church. He came over, went to church with us, and left the building before the Word of the Lord was delivered. He met us back at our house after service, and hung around the majority of the day (yes, we still get along but not intimate). I have to be honest – as of late, I’ve been very serious about my WALK with the LORD, and have not been sexually active. BUT THIS DAY- I was EXTREMELY horny. I wanted sex real bad -and let me be clear I am not sexually attracted to him. I’m just comfortable with him. He did too much to hurt us for me to go back to be joined to a individual who’s controlled by demonic forces. And trust me when I tell you it was SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE that made me aware of his actions.
    Let me take this a step back…Towards the end of my marriage -the Lord began to open my spiritual eye (even more) to let me see what was taking place with my husband. To this day, he is being controlled by negative spiritual influences -and after 15 years of marriage, I had to leave the marriage. I hung in there until God moved me. I saw a demon on him before. I saw astral spiders on his groin area (another subject I had to search the net for). I had a fit, he searched for spiders that weren’t there. I thought I was going crazy, as I “started seeing things”.
    I believe God ALLOWED me to see this thing.
    So sense then (two days ago) I’ve been waking up at 315am. I’m uncomfortable with it.

  15. niccole says:

    I too have had this experience just 2nights ago

  16. frederick says:

    i’m 31 years old and i’ve seen 3 green glowing people, they looked like doctors but not doctors. i was calm and at peace, the next day my mother was put into hospital, she was 300 kilometres away, and i hadn’t spoken to her in three days, i just knew. when my grandmother died, i was asleep, i had a dream and i can remember vividly that she came to me and told me she wasn’t dead, then then phone woke me, she just passed, when i was 8 i started crying in class, i had no idea why, i couldn’t stop untill my mother walked into my class i knew my poppy was dead. i’ve been seeing something odd recently that puzzled me, i’ve seen a green glowing child about 6-8 years old wearing a green shirt with a white symbol on it. any ideas what this might mean, or if anyone else has seen this boy. i like to belive they are my family reaching out to me, but i’m freaking out about the kid, why were none of the other figures wearing clothes but i can see the kids shirt.

  17. Ashley Wheeler says:

    I just had this happen last night. I had rented a hotel room and was staying there. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard some shuffling noises. I’ve had other supernatural experiences and I just sent a mental thought for it to go away and leave me alone like I usually do, and snuggled down deeper into my bed. I had been in a half sleep for maybe 20 minutes when I fully realized there was a lime green glowing man above me, almost staticy, reaching out with both arms towards my neck. I screamed “DON’T TOUCH ME!” Which woke my boyfriend up and he charge out of bed as I shouted “Oh my God!” staring at the green man’s approximately early 30 year old face. The man disappeared as I glanced at my boyfriend, but my boyfriend swore he saw something there. The eery thing was there was a fire alarm admitting the same lime green glow right above our bed. I never remember having any supernatural experiences until I was 20 and they’ve been increasing in experiences. Now I’m 24 and I have them frequently, but this is unlike any I’ve had before. I wish I could know the purpose of the Him and why so many have seen him.

    • shanokee says:

      Yup. That’s what happened to me. He reached out towards my neck too. Who is this dude? Why is going into people’s bedrooms and freaking them out? Naughty boy!

  18. Angela says:

    Like you I always felt “different”. Life never felt real to me; more like I was dreaming if that makes sense? When I was very young I would try to wake myself up while I was awake and I would cry quite often because I wanted to go “home”. I still have these feelings but have learned to ignore them as an adult. Anyway, how I found u. When I was a very small child something happened to me that I have never been able to forget. I check now and then on the internet but this is the first time I have found anything similar. Like many children I was afraid of my closet. It had a sliding door that would not close all the way though I would try. One night very late, but I know I was awake, I was staring at the closet from my bunk bed. ( I slept on top, my younger sister below.) It was only open slightly. Maybe an inch or two. I remember a cold chill and a slight noise that I don’t know how to describe. I pulled my covers up so only my eyes and top of my head were out. I then saw a green glow from the closet. I thought to myself ‘it can’t get out there is not enough room’ when to my horror a ‘man’ ( I put man in quotes as it was just my feeling that it was male) tall, thin as a stick and glowing green walked out of my closet. He was tall enough that the top of his head was about a foot from my ceiling. He walked straight to my bed. Like you it was as though he spoke to me in my mind. He was also kind of see thru. Maybe like plasma , glowing and very green. He said ‘don’t be afraid’. I froze and just stared. I kept thinking to him…’ I am scarred go away, go away’. I heard, again in my mind, ‘ I won’t hurt u. Come. ‘ I thought to him. ‘ no I can’t. I can’t leave my sister here alone. I can’t. Just go. Just go. I’m scarred.’ He put a hand out towards me and kind of on my bed in front of me. I backed up a bit. It was although he sighed and I felt a great sadness. ‘ good bye my sweet girl. ‘ I heard, again in my mind. He looked at me with black almond shaped eyes and again great sadness. I heard in my mind , ‘ bye for this life.’ He looked back toward the wall and walked straight thru it. I felt kind of like a ‘whoosh'( its very difficult to describe) and my room felt normal again. When I got the courage I hung over the side of my bed to see if my sister was ok and if she saw it too. She was sound asleep. I lay back in my bed in a kind of shock until I fell asleep. I have never been able to forget it. I am so greatful I am not the only one. If you ever find out anything more I would love to know what kind of ghost it was? Like I said before I have never been able to forget it. I always found it so odd that I can’t find any information on anything like it and yours is the first and only similar experience I have found. Ty for sharing it.

    • shanokee says:

      Angela if you read all the other comments on this post you will see how not alone you are. How not alone we all are.
      The more reports I get back from others all across the globe, the more I wonder what it is that connects us all.
      Something very unique has happened to us all and the one thing which links it is the lime green entity.
      I would love to know where he wanted to take us. I believe he is an inter-dimensional being, not a ghost. A big part of me wishes that I had gone with him but the pain for my parents would have been too much and also I’ve enjoyed my life, the good and bad. I know we exist after death of our physical and I know that there are many strange forces around us all the time.
      Some people call entities like him aliens, or the fey. I just know that he has stayed with me all my life as a great mystery that I would love to know more of.
      From what he told you, it seems we will meet him again after this life ends.
      Like you I’ve always felt an oddness about reality. That what we see and experience is a veil to true reality.
      Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all meet up some day? People always talk about a ‘life purpose’. I feel that part of mine is to understand these experiences, that in some way they are very important for preparation for death.
      Maybe some day we will meet up. Maybe something magical will happen. Until then, thank you for coming here and sharing this.

  19. Dave "VLLAD" says:

    I would like to start by thanking everyone here for sharing your experiences. I am in my 40’s now and have carried this with me for 35 years.I have always believed that I had imagined my experience as a child, but couldn’t shake the memory.I was only 5 years old at the time and raising my own children taught me that kids do have good imaginations. It’s been difficult for me because I never one time heard anyone else mention this glowing green being. not in my readings or on the web. So I concluded that I had to be wrong. I finally decided to just try to find something specifically related to this on the web and that led me here. I had only one incident involving the green guy,but it left me wondering. As I stated before, I was 5 years old, it was 1980 and I cannot remember knowing anything about aliens and definitely didn’t know what they would look like, but what I saw outside my window was what I would describe as a tall grey alien, but it had a lime green glow that didn’t radiate out like a light. as someone said in an earlier post it seemed organic. It had the black almond shaped eyes and I can’t recall the mouth or nose. I’m not sure what got my attention to look out of the window , but as I did I saw it and it saw me. The being immediately crouched down as if to hide itself, but it was in the open and i saw it well. it was only about 5 or 6 feet away. I became extremely afraid, I couldn’t cry out for fear, so I managed to wedge myself behind a large chest of drawers. That is where I stayed for the rest of the night. I had actually fallen asleep upright wedged against the wall and dresser. I have never been that afraid in my life since then and my life has been rather tragic. I also here want to insert that I too have always felt that I just don’t belong here, but i am not sure if it is this planet or this life. i have mild psychic ability that I can’t control. It happens when it happen. I do recognize when it does happen and have learned to control the out come but that’s it. Now that I am finding that I am not alone in this experience, I’m at a loss to know where to go from here. what I saw may well be real, but what does that mean?

  20. Julia says:

    I am starting to see things at night too. I jusr saw one and I had to jump up and turn the light on. It hasn’t happened for over a year-and-a-half and now I’m starting to think it’s going to happen again. Please contact me I would like to talk about this with you.

  21. John says:

    Around 1998 or 1999 I had a similar experience with a glowing green being standing beside my bed.
    I was 16 or 17 at the time. I woke from sleep to see the glowing figure standing next to me beside my bed. The being had no distinct features, it was the shape of a person and its was fully glowing bright green.
    I wanted to reach for the light but something in my mind told me not to, I was frozen with fear of not knowing what it was so I just closed my eyes and hoped it was not there when I opened my eyes, but after about 2 minutes I reopened my eyes and the glowing figure was still standing there. I closed my eyes again with the plan of waiting few more minutes and taking another look but I feel to sleep and woke up in the morning.
    I have always wondered what it was that was in my room that night and it’s reason for its visit.
    It was good to read your story and hear that you have had a similar experience as I have always questioned if what I seen was real or my eye sight playing up on me.

    • Tara Reece says:

      This seems the same as what I experienced as a child. There were no facial features at all just glowing green shape of a man.

  22. John says:

    I forgot to hit the notify me button.

  23. H.G. says:

    I was about 10 years old, asleep in my twin bed in my own room. I was awakened by feeling a hand on my left leg just above my knee. When I opened my eyes, I saw a lime green transparent ” body”, which I sensed as male. As soon as my mind registered it, he disappeared. I didn’t have time to become scared, but I stayed awake for a couple of minutes comprehending what had just happened, then just went back to sleep. I have no idea what he was but have never forgotten. I haven’t seen anything like that ever again and I’m now 60. I googled and found you because I want to know if anyone one knew what it is too!

  24. H.G. says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention “he” was lying next to me, but I felt no threat, as I said, he disappeared so quickly, I didn’t have time to feel fear.

  25. Tara says:

    My best friend was visiting this weekend we have been friends for over twenty years and this is the first time in all our shared supernatural experiences where we have confessed about the glow in the dark man. I was 5-7 years old. I woke up one night feeling somebody watching me. In the doorway was a man shape. It filled the whole doorway and had no features that I could see, and was glow in the dark green (like a glow worm my best friend said) yes like a glow worm. I did not feel any malevolence from it. I said “Dad” thinking my eyes were being weird. My dad from the room across the hall told me to go back to sleep. I then knew this figure was something else, but I went back to sleep, and never saw him/it again.
    My friend’s experience was a little different. She was also around the same age, and she was in a dream, and she knew she was in a dream. She was sitting on a mat at the edge of a dark abyss and the glow in the dark man was there. She could see his features and they were mundane. She said he had the manner of a grumpy accountant. He told her that behind her was where all the bad things were. At the end of the dream she fell into the abyss and jerked awake. I know I am missing a few details from her encounter. We both thought it was odd that we both had visitation from a glow in the dark man me in Illinois and she in California in the late 80’s when we were around the same age.

  26. Gregory Rudolph eberhard says:

    Not sure if this will be of any help to you but to at the very least let you know that you’re not alone. I guess you could say I’m a bit of A bad seed in the period fact that I got into nothing but trouble with the young guy. If I wasn’t allowed we’re supposed to do something I absolutely did it with quickness. I have learned a lot over these years and come to terms with karma. So let me start out by telling you a story. Of A similar visitation I got several years ago . I am laying in my bed at Donovan state prison near San Diego California. This is the first of many vacations to almost all of our state prisons. So the arranged housing at the time was a two level building of about let’s say 200 cells that to Men per cell. And in this scenario, all sell doors on the whole block are locked with one leverEd Master locking mechanism that is engaged from 11 PM to 6 AM. It takes a sergeant and multiple approvals to disengage this look in between those hours. The details are only two establish the authority of this whole situation. I’m about 19 years all of this time, and with the knowledge that I wasn’t going anywhere for quite some time. I immersed myself in learning everything I could about every subject there is regarding E so Terric and or every stretch our imagination can conjure up. I practiced and studied for my New Year’s, but on this evening I witnessed something that absolutely cannot be explained. So it’s about 2 AM double locked in a cell with some old man who insisted that he get the top bunk, I’m not sure what walk me, I was paralyzed from the very start, with the only word I can find to describe this was don’t want to admit Fear. There I lay on my right side I open my eyes to find a glowing green entity of some kind about exactly How you describe I felt as I can look through him I see him but I couldn’t be exactly sure of it gender he must’ve been at least or around my height as it seemed he had to crouch slightly in order to not hit his head on the bunk above where my soulmate was sound asleep and oblivious. So to my disappointment I feel as I am sure that my reaction to this entities presence was one of absolute terror even though Od since zero malice from The entity, but knowing that there is zero chance that my lock to sell door was breached . Which brings up the fact that this glowing green entity was capable of entering the locked cell without having to open the door. Strange fact number one. I open my eyes and in the curve of the back of my knees sat something he was crotch slightly leaning over me not saying a word there was no communication via verbal or mental that I recall. I open my eyes and see this thing , And I was struck hard with fear which I’ve come to realize was one of the catalysts for my paralysis. I’m quite embarrassed as to the extent of my being so scared. And I am sure that is why there was no communication and or any further attempts at contact. So I wake up he sitting there and it took all of my might and all of my strength to barely wimper “GET AWAY FROM FROM MEEEEEEEEE PLEEEAAASSEEEE” I tried with everything I had just to get those few words out and they came out as a slight whisper. Yet get a way from me please was all I could say. I closed my eyes and said it again hell my eyes closed for a minute or so hoping that I would open my eyes to find him gone. I pride myself in being a strong mentally and physically young man. I had thought at this point in my life I had overcome most fierce embracing the violence and predatory behavior of prison life. Yet waking up in a locked sell to find what I could only describe as a glowing nonhuman entity, he was long and slender with no distinguishable features just a very blurry silhouette you can say I could not make out any eyes nose or mouth. He sat on my bed scared the but Jesus out of me. So the second time I open my eyes it was gone. I have spentA number of years in and out of jails and prisons. This was a one time experience, I have asked on many occasions A repeat of that visit to no success your account of your visit is the only thing I have ever heard related to what happened to me paralyzed I sit in with all my might whimper like a little baby get away from me squeeze my eyes shut hold on there for several minutes only to awaken to get the snoring cellmate and myself.

    • Gregory Rudolph eberhard says:

      Alone along with my snoring cellmate , I paced my cell back and forth at least 50 to 100 times trying to make sense of what had just happened. I smoked about 4 to 5 of his smokes even though he specifically only said I can have one. I never figured out what this was, and or have yet to hear of any similar accounts until now. Thank you for sharing I feel a bit better in knowing it happened 2 you and I am not alone. Peace love and enlightenment greg

    • shanokee says:

      Do you have recollection of him visiting you as a child?

  27. shanokee says:

    This is a shout out to everyone that has taken the time to respond to this post. I haven’t replied to some of you because life happened and I couldn’t focus but I want you all to know that I give you all my deepest acceptance and gratitude for your sharing of such highly strange events. I’ve always known that what had happened to me was real, and I also looked everywhere to find others to match my experience. We have all had diverse, yet similar experiences unlike any of the ‘normal’ ‘alien’ encounters.
    I thank you from my heart for your sharing and if I haven’t replied please don’t think I haven’t seen you, because I have. I’m ready now.

    • Kristilee says:

      My 7 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy has been telling me there is something in her closet she said it is bright green with yellow eyes and it looks like it’s floating she says it touches her hands and then goes to her sister and touches her hands I do deal with the Paranormal as I have certain gifts towards seeing and hearing things however I have not had experience but with extraterrestrials or anything like that really my daughter is terrified and I do not know what to do I do hear Whispers And you can feel the coldness and recently I have been losing at least 2 hours a night where I go get a drink I stand up on our stairs and it feels like only a minute but when I go to bed it’s at least two and a half hours later so any advice on the situation?

  28. shanokee says:

    I’m also serious about a meet up.

    • Carmel Gerdsen says:

      Do you do facebook? Perhaps you could set up a facebook page/group for everyone…?

      I too was visites 3 times as a child before I was 8yrs old, but what I called floating astronauts. I always felt safe and that they were watching over me. 2 x’s just one 1 x 2 of them. They presented to me like a man in a space suit but what I say was just an outline of pale green light.
      Now 45 years later, (maybe connected or not) I know of the tall healing green beings from a far awat glowing green planet where all is energy and floaty. They are not male or female but it and I can call on then when I need physical healing. There is SO much love and healing from them.
      And now just on the 8th Aug chatting after a full moon ceremony, I was speaking about my childhood experiance and my friend said she knew of them and had been to their planet several times. They think she is funny as she floats around cross legged, it’s like a hover planet. She said it’s very similar to ours but imagine the feeling you get at the opening scene of the sound of music, lushious and loving like that.

  29. Josie says:

    I have seen one too. Exactly the same description. It was also while I was young, probably around 7 or so. This is the only post I could find of anything similar to my experience, although it did not come towards me as in your experience. It remained by the wall and moved across the front of my closet, first crouched and then in several intervals it gradually stood up, and I was also calm, just watching it, fascinated. I, too, am sensitive to energy, and this was the only time I saw one that appeared the same way.

  30. Dave "VLLAD" says:

    I’m not sure how this sounds to ya’ll, but i happen to live just out side of Roswell New Mexico. The alien festival is in like early July and I think if any of us would like a meet and greet, this might be a good opportunity.

  31. Dave "VLLAD" says:

    an update on alien festival in Roswell. It begins on Thursday, June 29th and goes thru Sunday, July 2nd

  32. Jennifer says:

    I was 3 years old in 1983 and my family lived on a lake deep in the Northwoods of Minnesota. The green man came to my bed just like everyone else, the paralysis was not complete as I was able to pull my Winnie the pooh pillow over my head and I kind of mentally wished him away. He was glowing bright neon green and not much taller than my little cot that I slept in. Since then, occasionally I get visited by something I call smoke man who always makes me have complete paralysis and 100% pure dread and fear and I cannot verbalize anything without all my might put into it and I am awake but in a dream, it’s so scary and when I can verbalize it’s not more that a quiet whisper but in my head I am screaming. One night smoke man was so strong hovering my chest above me when I yelled for him to leave and never come back he ran through the wall and I could hear his footsteps running down the dirt driveway. It was so loud it woke my grandmother in the room above me and I heard her jump out of bed and run to the sliding door and she opened it and turned on the yardlight. I know this happened because why else would she run to look at the driveway if she didn’t hear it? Smoke man has terrorized me my enfire life and I typically get very sick the days after he comes for a visit but little green man just once and was my first experience with the supernatural. Also, once for a fraction of a second I saw a great white angel, wings and all maybe 10ft tall or more outside, middle of the day, I was doing yard work and I hear this giant fluttering sound and when I looked over there it was and gone before I had a chance to comprehend what happened. At times I’ve smelled rotten odors like a week old carcass and then bam the scent goes away. I am super sensitive and I cry alot, I’ve spend many years anxious and or depressed and I am a good person, I am kind and naturally quiet but I suffer from fear of these things, not every moment of my life but Why? Why me and what more can I do? I read about other people’s experiences and yet some big part of me just thinks it’s all overactive imagination.

  33. Linda says:

    I had a similar experience when I was about 4 years old. I know I was awake and conscious of what was happening to me. I rarely speak of this. There was an “entity” standing at my bedside, with its hands on its hips, staring down at me. “He” was glowing lime green. I was terrified. I turned toward the wall, hoping it would go away. When I looked again, it was still there. I remember it looked like the character Will Robinson from Lost in Space

    • Linda says:

      I’m serious in describing its appearance. At the time, it’s what I equated it to. This happened to me in Westfield, NJ. I very recently visited my hometown with my daughter and granddaughter. Stirred up many memories, including this most private memory. I randomly found this site tonight. I wish I had sooner.

  34. Dimitar Sabev says:

    Hello there ,I googeled ”wake up in bed and seeing yellow glowing person sitting next to me on my bed” and I stumbled to this article!

    I will share my story and I hope there are ppl who can rly ansler the mistery behind this strange encounter.

    I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and it was winter. I was sleeping alone in my room and I suddenly woke up because I had the feeling that something was watching me.And there was for sure something watching me ,I opened my eyes and there it was ,a glowing green/yellowish figure almost made like out of stars sitting on my bed.The only difference between me and the Op is I saw its face ,and it got strange from there….The face looked exactly like my grandmother! I was shocked ,at first I tough ”whats grandpa doing here and why is she glowing” ,but after few second staring at this figure I realized this is not her at all.She was staring at me with those cold glowing eyes and she didnt react at all to my awakening .I didnt hear a word from the glowing figure ,nothing.So right after I realized this is something unnatural I covered my self over the head.I’ve waited maybe for 1 min ,but as every kid I had to be sure the thing is gone so I peeked with my eye and the glowing figure was gone .No trace of it ,nothing .I remember I didnt slept all night ,and I was too scared to leave my bed to go to my perents room.
    Im now 30 years old and to be honest ,Ive never tough about this interaction till recent days wile watching some ufo / aliens stuff on the TV .And I wonder if this could be a case of something more than just a bad dream…I always knew deep down that this was something unnatural ,maybe even scary but also important. I also as the OP grow up thinking there is something wrong/special with my self when I was younger ,even now in a way…
    Dont get me wrong I think everyone is special in their own way!

    Anyway thank you for letting me share my story here.If someone has an explanation for me and can share a bit of light of what had I experienced pls do at my e-mail.

    PS: excuse my English Im not that good at it 🙂

  35. G.Apple says:

    I don’t hear weird things or see weird auras but I did see a yellow shadow man when I was little. Maybe 6 or younger but I just went to bed with my sisters and when she turned off the light, he was there standing by my bed. He didn’t move and he wasn’t frightening but I did ask my sister to turn on the light several times and he would only appear in the dark. They couldn’t see him but he was harmless so i went to sleep and he didn’t come back after that.

  36. Stephanie says:

    Are you the person that seen a green glowing person u could see through. I seen on too in the corner of my room. It was my brother.. but he was in the next room. He died not long after that of acute rare lukema. He went to hospital and bomb he was dead. I always wondered what it meant. What was it trying to tell me I was just about 10in a half. Let me know if u ever figured it out.

  37. Frank says:

    When I was about 7 years old I saw a glowing green light coming from the window at the foot of my bed. I was curious abut what was causing this glow. I got out of my bed and walked over to the window and looked out to see a man’s face glowing and looking toward the front of my house. The glow was almost exactly like the glow of a clue stick. As I examined his head I made certain observations. I could see the tees thru him. He was bald, the texture of his skin was paternal like scales of a snake. I could see small dots in his eyes. Suddenly he noticed I was standing there studying him. He turned and looked at me. He smiled, I smiled back. I then realized this was not a friendly smile. It was a very evil looking smile. My curiosity turned to an overwhelming fear. It turned away toward the back of the house and started to move away, sudenly it stopped, turned around and came stright at me with its mouth wide open, with its very sharp and long teeth bared. It scared me , filled me with unimagunable fear. When I was able room move I pinned myself to the oposited wall, I slowly crept againstead the walI . As I reached the wall and just as my hand touched rhe doorknob I head a gong type sound., followed by screaming and yelling. My father had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My mother, a very gentile and loving person had hit him on the forehead with a cast iron frying pan. He had a gash accr oss his forhead. My whole family was yelling things at h as he layer there dazed. It’s like we were lined up by age. Oldest brother, second oldest brother, my older sister, then me behind him. They were all yelling things at him at the same time, I was just yelling about the face at the window, how I saw an evil face at the window. No one paid any attention they were all just yelling things at my father who was dazed from being awakened by a frying pan to the head. Finally my sister heard me and squeezed my arm very hard and said , you saw a face at the window. I said it had long sharp teeth. A glowing green see thru face with long sharp teeth. They sent me back to bed. I was soo scared to be back in that room, back in that bed. I remember when I opened my eyes in the morning I had thousands of sparkleing
    Little lights over my head, the sun shinning into the room and a feeling of peacefulness.
    I told my mother what I had seen at the window the night before, she told me to never talk about it again, and not to ever look at them if I see them again. I put the event oUT of my mind for many years, but I am sure of what I saw. I am 51 now, this event happened in the early 1970.’s. I have begun to think about this event recently. I no longer live at that home. That window is at least 12 feet off the ground., those long ,sharp thin spike like teeth, the transparent green glow. I found out my mother heard voicrs, saw a phychiatrost, I guess they thought she was ill. But I know better. I saw the wiseguy ‘s as she called them. I know there’s more to this world than most of us can see. I only saw 1 of them once when I was a child. But I know what I saw.

    My niece is now hearing voices, I hope she is
    Not able to see them.. I tell her to pray and ask God for help when she hears them.

  38. Anon says:

    Is this a true story because I’ve seen the same thing and I’m looking it up online and his is the only story I’ve come across so far I was driving through the moors in saddle worth when we turned a corner there was forest as far as you could see and I just saw this large green glowing entity standing out clear as day it was pitch black at night and it was the only thing I saw it sort of glided behind a tree and disappeared it petrified me it was tall and glowing like something radioactive and I just can’t explain it

  39. Savanah jade says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience; my six year old son is finally able to clearly articulate a glowing green spirit that he saw when he was only four. He was glowing, and had no hair, and pitch black eyes. He’s said he thinks he was “looking through his happy memories”. I guess the entity stood at our bedroom window and stared in at all of us while we slept. He said he remembers that it was 6:06 in the morning, wearing “a long green coat, green pants, and green rain boots”, and he looked around our room at all of us, and then smiled at him.. he said that he stood there for about half an hour, (not sure if it actually lasted that long, or if it just FELT that long.) and then he flew away. As a mother, I have been really curious as to exactly WHAT this experience was, and this is the closest thing that I have heard to his account…

  40. J says:

    I will add my own experience here, from Australia in either 1989/1990. I was around 6 or 7 years of age at the time.
    It’s what I’ve thought of as a ‘lucid dream’ for many years – but it’s something which, unlike most of my childhood, remains burned in my memory.
    I remember that I was sitting up in bed, and I had one of my cats with me. I remember sensing something unusual to my right, and looked out the window of my bedroom. The being I saw was bipedal, a bizarre radiant green. I couldn’t make out gender or any attempt to communicate. All I remember was how it turned to look directly at me. I recall ‘waking up’ in a panic. I was terrified. It’s the only ‘nightmare’ that I have ever had.
    Even now, recalling the memory fills me with a vague and unshakeable sense of horror. I’ve experienced some other unusual and inexplicable things in my life, but I’m amazed that others have experienced similar to such a strange and specific thing, at similar ages, and similar time-frames.
    I have no explanations to offer, merely one more recollection for the records.
    One thing I did notice at the time is that my falling/flying dreams almost entirely stopped after that experience, like something had been shut off. What that means, if anything, I don’t know.

  41. George Martinez says:

    I saw the same thing, in 1992. Waking up the stairs in my parent’s house. Tall, see through, lime green with lights in the body and pinprick green eyes.

    • George Martinez says:

      If you’re interested I can actually send you an illustration I did of this being. It was very tall, very thin and arms and legs terminated to tentacle like points. The whole body was glowing see through green. No indication of clothing shapes. Just a “body.” From what I saw there was no discernible fingers or toes, let alone feet. The face have no features except for these two tiny round pin prick green eyes. The inside of the body had lights near where some would refer to chakra points. It was walking up the stairs in my parents house at two in the morning. Scare the crap out of me. It walked to the top of the stairs, turns towards me standing there in the dark and stared at me. It then turned and strode away fast and disappeared through my parents door.

  42. Jacque says:

    I had an almost identical experience last night. I and my daughter listened to a sleep meditation as we were going to sleep and we both fell asleep. About 19 min into the meditation I felt someone staring at me and my heart racing and I immediately woke opening my eyes to a green glowing male figure sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me. I was scared to death because that is the first time this has happened but at the same time I was calm, put my cover back on, and went back to sleep. Right after I called my daughters name it got up and disappeared into thin air and I felt a warm sensation on my abs and legs. I don’t know what to think!

  43. Drake says:

    The same thing happened two me just two nights ago in my hotel room. Just as many described in this blog. The sound of wind whistling (there were are no open windows in my room so I assumed it was the bathroom vent) in my room, i opened my eyes to a green glowing entity beside my bed. Freaked me out! I said a prayer and went back to bed. Kept the experience to myself until I got home and shared it with my wife. She encouraged me to Google search it and here I am! I’m not crazy and not the only one! I am curious about the commonality here.

  44. Leah says:

    I to have seen a lime green entity it was a woman it’s face was scary it’s eyes I’ll never forget it was sparkling green with scary intimidating eyes that came right up to my nose and stared me out I prayed it went away it slamed my bedroom door 4 times violently and then I never seen it again some psycic mentioned it was witchcraft it was mentioned for someone else tho

  45. stray says:

    About 10 years ago, I was transferred to a high security prison and placed in a cell overlooking an old prison graveyard. While laying in bed with my eyes closed but not asleep, I felt an overwhelming disturbance (I recently discovered that I am an empath) that caused me to lift my head and open my eyes. To my surprise, 3 extremely sinister looking entities were coming out of the wall! Transparent florescent green and dressed in stripes like prisoners of past, they were extremely menacing looking but Immediately returned into the wall when they noticed me looking at them. I’ve always felt like they were spirits of the prisoners in the graveyard below, but no idea as to what their intentions were.

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