Bubble Up

I met my good friend Hilary yesterday and she lent me a piece of shungite.

00239 IMG_5421 shungite
I am a natural sponge. I absorb energy from all around me and especially other’s emotions. Like a receiver I register it all and it affects me. I find it hard to be in public with a lot of people. It throws me, knocks me off kilter and makes me want to run away to my quiet sanctuary. Recently I’ve been blown wide open and have been affected detrimentally by this barrage of other people’s energies. Walking through town or even to the shop has made me feel like I am going insane. People invading my personal space in queues or bumping into me walking down the street has made me feel like going postal. I have wanted to scream at them to leave me alone. I’ve felt a bit like Michael Douglas in Falling Down except without the guns and racism.
Hilary said it sounded like I had no psychic skin and that’s why she lent me the shungite. Shungite helps protect against electro-magnetic frequencies. My energy shield has been down for some time and I’ve been zapped with everything but just reading up on shungite and carrying it in my pocket and meditating on its black nullifying protective properties has tuned me in to my own energy bubble.¬† I noticed a difference walking down the street. I just say, ‘Bubble up Penny,’ in my head and visualise my energy field expanding out like blowing up a sheeps bladder, strong and impervious to harm with a powerful, durable skin over the top of it and there is a noticeable difference in how I feel.
Everything is energetic so we must protect ourselves energetically. It is imperative for me to function in normal society without feeling like running for the hills. You can also protect yourself with fire. I imagine a circle of energy fire upon a grass ‘field’ and then I spin it 360 degrees around my body to help invigorate and protect my energy field. I have heard that purple fire is even more powerful. Purple coming from the third eye makes sense to me.
The simpler the technique the faster my mind puts it into action and, ‘Bubble up!’ works like a dream for me.
My energy bubble is like my own spaceship and strengthening it is so important. I am still open but only those energies that are beneficial to my own energy system must be allowed through and into my core. We all must protect ourselves.


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2 Responses to Bubble Up

  1. missy1975 says:

    Cracking post Penny. Love your writing style. Keep ‘er lit!

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