Dying in a Dream

My dream recall is pretty good even when I don’t prompt myself before I go to sleep to remember them. The nights are very humid at the moment which means I keep waking up from the heat and that is proving good for recall. I had a wee series of dreams last night which culminated in me being in the back of a car that lost control travelling really fast and which slammed nose first into the side of a building. My thoughts were lightning fast. I knew we were screwed when the girl driving lost control and I knew that I was never going to recover from the impending smash with the building so I braced for impact and then just let myself go. I kept wondering why there was no noise and no heat and then I realised I was swirling around in a grey black mist. It was very strange to still be conscious after such a fatal car-crash. The swirly black/grey mist was a nice place to be and I seemed to stay there for quite a while pondering what was happening to me. Then I woke up with a start, sweating and highly alert.
I’m thinking now as I did in dream-state if that swirling black/grey cloud place is an actual place that we may go through straight after death and if my waking up into this reality was not just the same as dying and passing into another reality. I’ve had other dreams where I’ve crashed or fallen or some other certain death but I don’t remember ever being so calm about it and I’ve never experienced or remembered that transition area before. I’d be intriqued to hear if anyone else has experienced a similar area.



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3 Responses to Dying in a Dream

  1. missy1975 says:

    Interesting… I was taking part in a meditation last week and believe that I saw where I was “from”. I’ve never experienced a meditation anything like this before. I felt I was at the source, at the very beginning of my first journey… I didn’t come from earth.

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