Comic Con

2014-06-08 18.10.02

Comic Con came to Belfast this weekend for the first time ever. I didn’t know it was on until 3pm yesterday. It was one of the best things I’ve ever been to. It even had a bar for the old lushes like me which was good cos I had a hangover. It was held at The King’s Hall in some huge building out the back. I was informed that it had been super bunged on the Saturday and that the staff wouldn’t open the doors and that moisture was dripping off the ceiling from the humidity. Luckily the doors were open yesterday and it wasn’t mentally busy.
I reckoned I’d probably bump into my cousin’s daughter Amy at it and I did, just as she’d come off stage! She loves cosplay and she makes all her own costumes and props. She won an award for Best Prop on Sunday. Her hammer is made out of plant pots! Her character is something from Sonic the Hedgehog adventures. I have no idea as I haven’t played it but she looks class.

DSC_0193One of the highlights for me was seeing some of the cast of Red Dwarf. It was better than seeing any rock star. They all looked great. Slim and healthy. I was pretty star struck looking at them. Chris Barrie played Rimmer, Hatty Hayridge played Holly #2 and Robert Llewellyn played Kryten. People were queued up to meet them. It was 15 quid to get an autograph! Screw that! 15 quid for someone’s scrawl on a page! Anyway I took a picture of the back of their heads which surely is just as good. I wonder how much they get paid to these things?

2014-06-08 15.47.53Speaking of autographs check this out. For a measly £150 you too could be the proud owner of Robert De Niro’s scrawl on his image. Do famous people set aside a couple of hours a week to autograph things and who is it that supplies them to vendors and what kind of deal do they all have? Intriquing stuff.

2014-06-08 16.37.49There were a lot of local writers and game makers there and it warmed the cockles of my heart to hear their success stories. It always amazes when people are successful at something they love. It’s something that has eluded me.
The makers of a game called Predestination are from Northern Ireland and I was pleased to talk to the writer who is female. I told them I would help spread the word. Check out their website if you like strategy games.
I loved this card from Tranquil Space Designs.
They are based here in Belfast.

This is a kid dressed as a jawa from Star Wars.

2014-06-08 15.47.05

Pyramid Head hanging out with his mates.

2014-06-08 15.49.57Pretty cool. All the kids dressed up looked amazing and it was so wonderful to be able to walk around and see people expressing themselves and having fun. I spent most of my time smiling. Honestly it was better than any music gig ever. I have found my natural habitat.

I noticed a really long queue and found out it was for the most famous entity in the room. Money.

2014-06-08 15.53.35

Bane masks were available to buy. Here is some handsome chap sporting one

2014-06-08 15.53.04

One item that I really fancied owning was a yellow simulated flight suit with embroidered patches worn by Keith Carradine in ‘First Flight’ in Star Trek: Enterprise. It was part of an unreserved government auction of sci-fi memorabilia and toys. The dude on the stall told us it all came from a crook. A crook with very good taste.

I bought a ring. I have no idea what it is but it look s nice and it was only 6 quid.

2014-06-09 16.15.43Plus it matches my boots.

2014-06-08 17.02.51I thought this poster was pretty cool.

2014-06-08 16.06.49

Afterwards at The King’s Head we hung out with other peeps that had been at Comic Con and everyone agreed that it had been fantastic. I hope it comes again. Q-Con is coming to Belfast at the end of the month at Queen’s student union and I will definitely be going along!




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