On the 16th May 2014 I noticed a strange stand-out shape that the sun had made on the wall outside in the alleyway at a famous Belfast pub called Lavery’s. I notice these things. I drew it quickly in my handy notebook.

2014-05-17 22.46.36I tweeted about it asking if anyone had seen this symbol anywhere. No-one replied.

Just now I was surfing reddit and came across a link to a page showing drawings made by folk that had been visited by E.T.s ( extra-terrestrial) and E.D.E.s (extra-dimensional entitiy) looking for any of the entities that I have met. I came across this symbol which reminded me a lot of my own sun-symbol.

285-a202003a8cI then flipped it and when it is in a mirror image of my own symbol it really takes on quite a similarity to me. You may think I’m mad but I know that symbols are part of the flow and this one stood out so much to me that I had to document it.

2014-05-17 22.46.36285-a202003a8c












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