Home 2013

It’s been a long road since I first wrote the words and melody for ‘Home’. I remember the frustration I experienced during the writing, searching for the perfect hook while being stared at by Phil Johnston and Gleave Dobbin who then left me to it while they went out to Tesco to get supplies for lunch. The second they went out the door it came to me and I knew instantly that something magical had happened. You can’t force it, it must be allowed to flow naturally.
The words came from a dream that I had had where I was running down a country road in half-light, running so fast that I was flying. The words have meaning and I think that this is why they resonate.
Everyone who heard ‘Home’ knew that we had something special and it went on to become a classic dance track but now I have revisited it writing my own music around my melody and also incorporating the verses that I wrote for it many moons ago.
It’s something that I’ve been toying with for a long time but it was too painful for me. Now, however, I am in a new bright present and can finally claim ownership over my past.
The video for my version of ‘Home’ really captures my journey with this little song. It’s haunting, simple and a taste of what is to come.



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4 Responses to Home 2013

  1. Clare says:

    beautiful! I want to hear that during an Ayahausca journey! Can I find it anywhere on Spotify? Soundcloud or ?

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