Be Yourself

You can’t be anyone else. ‘If a stone round your neck is weighing you down, get rid of it before you drown.’ Wise words from whoever wrote that for Inspector Morse.
If something makes you feel shit then it can’t be good for you, so chuck it over the side and move on.

I like stars and spaceships and dreaming. Over the past year I have finally discovered that my happiness comes from being musically self-sufficient and not being a slave to someone else’s view of what I can or cannot do. Screw ’em. I know myself better than anyone and I know what I can achieve. You do too. Do it your own way. I look at people that I respect and they have always done it their way. Be a maverick. You have nothing to lose. Life is short. Live it how you want to. No-one can tell you how to be or what to do.
We’re all running around like headless chickens trying to make sense of life but there is no sense, just experience. No government can tell you how to think or what clothes to wear. Screw ’em. We are all going to die so live it now and live it your way.

I’ll sing how I want to sing; in my own voice, not how someone wants me to sing. I do it for me, for joy, for expression, for connection to my inner/higher self. I sing how I want ‘cos I write the shit that I sing. I write my music how I want it to sound. I taught myself how to ‘cos I had to, to take control because no-one else can do it for me.

Do it your way and don’t let anyone put you down or tell you what to do.


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