The Right Tone

I discovered years ago that if I lay my head on my mattress and hummed gently at a specific pitch I could make all the springs in my bed vibrate. They sounded like a heavenly choir. I’ve taken up chanting recently and I find that certain frequencies resonate powerfully within me. For me the lower tone of my voice vibrates my springs. Chanting is great for housework and when I’m on my bike I try to remember to chant to keep me focussed and safe.
I read somewhere that the Ancient Egyptians understood the power of vibration and that a room was discovered that was completely full of tuning forks.
Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration. Watch this video to see how changing frequencies affect the alignment of salt crystals on a vibratory plate.

These shapes can be seen in nature and also on other planets.  This is a strange hexagonal  phenomena on Saturn’s north pole.

Do certain tones have ‘magical’ properties? I think so. In Genesis and many other ancient holy texts it is written that the word creates matter and the universe. What a tone it must have been to have created all this.

Stuart Mitchell is a pianist and composer who also is taken by these geometric forms. Along with his father Thomas J. Mitchell he spent 15 years studying and researching the symbolic carvings in Rosslyn Chapel and I believe that they discovered something quite astounding. Encoded in the symbols in the chapel are notes that make up a piece of heavenly music. Stuart Mitchell created the Rosslyn Motet from this. Watch this video and see what you think.


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