You Can Go Your Own Way.

The mighty Fleetwood Mac summed it nicely. I can’t be anything other than myself. I’ve tried in the past to fit into other peoples’ moulds but it just made me unhappy. Now I don’t really care any more. When one stops giving a toss so much, one develops a nice sense of contentment. Some people say that contentment is boring but they’re probably lacking in some other area of their lives.

I sing. I write music. I write lyrics and I also produce. I’m strange to look at. I have a genetically mis-shaped head that I can do nothing about so I’ve tried to not care so much. I love my life and the people and entities around me. I have no time for cruelty or narrow-mindedness. I support the under-dog and the unseen. I could care less if you’re well hip or what label you’re wearing. Money doesn’t drive me which is a good job as I don’t have any. Success has eluded me but I like to think about other artists who went pretty much unrecognised and draw strength from them.  Two of my favourite writers are Philip K. Dick and H.P. Lovecraft. They were both more appreciated after their death. May be I’ll be the same. I’m not scared of death. I reckon it’ll be quite a trip.

Everything is connected and it’s all so vast and amazing. We run around trying to be busy little humans, trying to prove how great we are, trying to keep up and outshine each other, but that’s just the predator within. It’s time to embrace true evolution and move past our desperate need to be continually fabulous. I am me and I don’t fit into any mould. I mean you no harm and I come in peace. This life is short so live it while you have it. Live it your way cos Ra knows no-one else has time to live it for you. Be kind to animals and stop giving so much of a toss about stuff that doesn’t matter. Be open minded and don’t be horrible to someone because of their race, gender, social standing or sexual orientation because that is just pathetic. Stand up for each other and don’t be afraid to go your own way. If anyone gives you a hard time tell them Shanokee will have a word with them. Oh, and NEVER EVER become assimilated by The Borg.

Now enjoy my magic ring and have a good day.


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