Where On Earth Did My Voice Go?

Calling all parts of my voice! Where did you go? You were last seen on Tuesday at band practice.

Yep I lost my voice after not being able to hear myself properly. Well that and going out with the girls the next night. I woke up on Thursday feeling a bit rough and found that my voice had flown the coop. I’ve been a bad girl recently and have been neglecting the warm-ups which are essential. Singing in a rock band and singing trance-style vocals are very different. When I write and sing trance vocals I’m usually asked to hit my top range which I’ve gotta tell you is not easy for me, but that’s what the people want. They always want me to do something like ‘Such is Life’ and that my friends is tricky for me. It’s not my natural range. So going from that to belting out a rockin performance has put some strain on my poor wee voice. I rested it up yesterday and all day today I’ve been doing gentle vocal exercises. It’s coming back to me but it fairly put the wind up my pipes. I’d be devastated to lose my voice so I’m really going to have to look after it and if that means getting the boys in the band to turn down from 11 then so be it. I’m going out now to buy some honey which I hate the taste of but needs must.


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