There’s Nothing Good On.

Right this post is maybe going to turn into a bit of a rant due to my watching of cack TV. I’d like to watch good TV but I’m not exactly sure if that actually exists any more. The other night I resorted to watching Blue Thunder when I couldn’t sleep. It was on TV but is not actually a TV programme; it is a rather mediocre film from the 80s starring a crap high-tech helicopter and Malcolm McDowell, who I never realised was quite so small and pixie-like. If he was in an RPG he’d be an elf.

Anyway here is a picture of Roy Schieder flying the crap chopper which looks like they stuck bits of cardboard all over it and yes, I’m sure it looked amazing in the 80’s.

Of course Blue Thunder must have been the inspiration for Airwolf with Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine and a cello. The helicopter in this depressing series was a Bell222 according to the all knowing Borg of Wikipedia and was at a loss when the show finished and, like Lily Allen decided a change of career would be a good idea; it became an ambulance helicopter but crashed and burned killing 3 people. Looks like a psycho if you ask me.

Yet it still looks cooler than the Blue Thunder one.

Of course this has nothing to do with what this post should be about which is that TV is driving me nuts. Maybe this post is actually about how I should really be doing something better with my time than watching the shite on TV. I should take up needlework or study astro-physics. Or maybe talking about Blue Thunder is my way of saying that even a crap film about a helicopter from the future of the 1980s is still better than what is on TV now.


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