Cold weather for pigeons!

I’ve been stuck outside every day for a month so I know how the wee blighters feel. It’s been dropping to -17 here in some parts and the inside of my windows are frozen over! I’ve been feeding the birds some wheaten bread and corned beef to help maintain their fat stores. I put a bowl of water out for them but it froze in 10 minutes. Birds are hardy creatures but I think we should try and help our animal friends out over the winter. They would probably have more energy though if they didn’t fight over the food so much!

This is the view of my balcony just before the deep freeze set in.

Walking back from town yesterday afternoon this is what the temperature gauge said. Bear in mind that it always says it’s warmer than it actually is.

Of course the cold can affect humans too. Spot the two spelling mistakes on this restaurant board.

It also can produce a strange case of Lilliputianitis. I wonder if he drank the whole pint of Guinness?

As I type this there are cooing pigeons watching me through the window. I think they want to come in. I hope the little bits of food keep them alive as I think pigeons are just lovely.

Merry Christmas! Stay warm and don’t forget about the cold and hungry!


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