Top Tips For Hangovers

1. Get cold; I mean freezing cold. You need to lower your temperature; that’s why you feel ill. I suggest paracetemol.

2. Drink LOADS of cold cold drinks. I suggest really cold Lucozade. It may seem like the spawn of Satan but right now it’s your friend, so drink that sucker deep.

3. Be a student doctor and wire yourself up to a drip; that’ll sort you right out!

4. Become a guru and close your eyes and feel yourself get big, then small, then wake up and drink more Lucozade.

5. You could of course delay that hangover by imbibing more but that would make you do bad things.

6. Just like 1 and 2 the main thing is to lower that temperature so think of icy cold polar bears. Eat an ice lolly. Eat two. Let’s get really cold people.

7. Later when you feel a bit better have some food. It doesn’t matter what kind of food; there is no place for diets and all that lunacy right now, so eat it and eat well.

8. Good luck and try not to chuck! Remember to KEEP COOL!


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