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Contd. Journeys of my Bike.

I named her Uptown Girl as she’s a native New Yorker and she’s brought me much joy and quite a bit of health too. I was in a bit of funk this morning so we went for a cruise down … Continue reading

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Top Tips For Hangovers

1. Get cold; I mean freezing cold. You need to lower your temperature; that’s why you feel ill. I suggest paracetemol. 2. Drink LOADS of cold cold drinks. I suggest really cold Lucozade. It may seem like the spawn of … Continue reading

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Giving Up On The Dream?

When watching the depressing Take That documentary Look Back: Don’t Stare I was struck by my decision to walk away from music. I guess it was seeing them in the studio and waiting backstage that plucked at the strings of … Continue reading

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