Many years ago my friend had come to stay with me for the night and we got to talking about seeing auras. I showed her how to sense and then see the aura.  We were both feeling a little sleepy so she lay down on the mattress on the floor and I lay beside the window on the floor. I woke up knowing that I was in a heightened state of awareness. My body was paralysed and I fought against intense, powerful vibrations that entered through my head and shook my body; not my physical body but my energy body. It was really scary. I fought the vibrations for what felt like 2 hours.

The room was lit by the street light outside and I willed my hand to move to pick up the box of matches beside me to shed some light and break my paralysis but to no avail.

To my left I saw into a sandstone corridor which seemed lit by burning torchlight. A leonine man was standing watching me. By leonine I mean he was actually half man/half lion. He was swathed in leathers which were clasped by a very regal looking metal buckle. I knew he was a king. His stare was so intense. I screamed out in my mind and my friend heard me and the spell was broken.

For years I’ve been trying to find out more about the leonine man and now with the power of the internet I think I may have found him. Leonine gods seem to be more common than I thought. Mithrais is quite often mistaken as Zurvan, but they all seem to be of the same genus to me. Maybe they are all the same entity, for I know that he really exists. Why was he shown to me? Is he The Dweller on The Threshhold?

He’s linked to Thoth /Cronos(Time) and also Ptah as father of the gods, but who exactly is he and why is he watching? Do these ‘gods’ exist within another dimension? Did I access that dimension that night? I think that all dimensions exist within the same space.  It’s very intriguing. I’d love to know if anyone else has had any dealings with this Zurvan character. I suspect they have.


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  1. jose says:

    Hey, im gonna ask an expert on symbolism and dreams what does he think about it and let you know. Anyways, the first time i saw it was on the Da vinci series on Fox, oh shit, i do not know why but i got the goosebumps and i was all freaky and scared. i started seraching and after 2 days i found out it was zurvan. Email me and ill let you know what this guy told me , lets figure out what does it mean….

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