Jacking it all in.

I’ve just removed myself from Facebook. I’ve had it with other people and their lives. I don’t want to know anymore about how successful and funny everyone is or what they ate for dinner or how cool the night they went to was or what they flippin like and don’t like. Most of the people who are my supposed friends don’t even give me the time of day in real life and Fakeface and its phoney friends can go and frig off.

I’m having real trouble functioning with human beings anyway. Everyone is just so damn fabulous and it makes my failings all the more painful to bear. I want to run away to the water and live on my bike and hang out with the squirrels. I don’t think I’m made for this world of human predatorial instinct. I have an annoyingly strong sense of smell for bullshit.

I don’t think that any of this matters. In my dreams the walls are falling down and the cracks are showing. It’s about time that I faced more fears. There is more to life than a string of constant disappointments. Each time I try to reassess. Maybe I’ll move to Mars. I hear the weather there is great this time of year.


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3 Responses to Jacking it all in.

  1. Hey, Shanokee

    A thought- if your “friends” won’t give you the time of day, the problem isn’t really with Facebook. The problem is that you need better quality friends….

    Been there.

    And it doesn’t really matter if they’re sucessful or funny or fabulous. If they are, good for them. What really matters is if I or you or the guy on the next computer are following our Dreams and being successful, funny or fabulous by the standards that we set for ourselves (to heck with measuring up to anyone else’s standards for sucess. That way lies madness…)

    I found myself much happier when I stopped being concerned about the other guy and started doing what I’m here to do. And now, I have real friends and enjoy their sucesses because I’m suceeding at my own stuff πŸ™‚

    Wishing better things for you, too

    Songwright, recording artist, author, professional psychic and student of the Universe

    • shanokee says:

      Thanks for the words Catherine. πŸ™‚ I’m not unhappy. I just need to break some walls down and this week seems like a good one to start. I used to think I knew what I was here to do but now I think that I haven’t got a clue and I guess the truth will set me free.

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