So I bought a bike just under two weeks ago and on the second day I got a puncture. The bike doctor replaced the tube and off I went happily cycling my way to fitness. La la la la la…..NO! Another puncture! A friend took it home and repaired the puncture and off I went again, this time slightly paranoid. I wasn’t as paranoid as I thought because TA DA! Another puncture. THREE in ONE week? You’ve got to be joking!

The bike doctor told me not to cycle on glass. I wasn’t cycling on glass. I was cycling on an innocent tow-path which just has the odd twig. He replaced the tube and put a new tyre on and off I set again. TRA LA LA LA LA ??? Could it be? Is it really? Yes it flipping well is! Another puncture. This one doesn’t even deserve an exclamation mark. Back to the bike doctor who told me that sometimes these things happen. I’m not sure which bicycle god I’ve pissed off but I don’t think this is normal.

I said that I reckoned that there was something wrong with the wheel but the doctor said no. I got my bike back today with another new tyre and tube and was told to think positively by the bike doc and off I went. Folks I hope you feel my pain because I have another blinking puncture! Tomorrow it will be exactly two weeks since I bought Uptown Girl as I have named her and tomorrow I will once again walk her round to the doctor. This time I’m going to ask for another bike or my money back.



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