It’s a hard thing trying to perform music all on my ownio. I’ve been working on getting my set together. In the past I either had a band or just did it with my acoustic but this time I’m going to try and do it with a beat up old Juno and a digital 8-track.

I really could do with a laptop but times are tough financially. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to the actual gig itself, so practice practice practice is the name of the game right now. I’ve got my set to an hour now. That’s a long time to be naked on stage. Some of the songs are updated versions of some of my old songs like ‘Smiler With The Knife’ and a lot of them are new like ‘Fancy A Funk It’s Wednesday’.

I have a big scary attic in my flat that I cleared out with the help of some good friends and I’ve been using it to practice the live set. The attic looks a little like an interrogation room but is nowhere as creepy as it used to be. This picture is of me clearing the rubble. I’ll have to take a recent one so you can see that it looks slightly less macabre.

I made up my mind to clear it out as I’d had an out of body trip into it which freaked me out. I think it’s incredibly important to ‘own’ your surroundings and conquer your fears of all those dark places where the heeby jeebies lurk. Fear is the mindkiller as Frank Herbert wrote in ‘Dune’.

He seemed pretty clued in. The ‘Dune’ series changed my life along with ‘2001’ which I first saw in the cinema with my parents when I was about 7. Science-fiction is one of my favourite friends and my songs are often touched in some way by its concepts.

If you need to find me I’ll be in the attic.


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