Keeping It Friendly

On Friday night past I cut my neighbour’s hair and he was rather annoyed at me as he says I cut too much off. He was so annoyed that he was shaking with anger when I met him in the street. I was so upset at his display of anger towards me that I actually thought about moving far away.

I imagined moving to the sea and living a simple life away from neighbours.

Prompted by our mutual friend I decided to nip the angst in the bud and called my neighbour to try and start talks. The Good Tuesday Agreement went well and we’ve sorted out our differences but the point I’m trying to make is that even though you feel you are not in the wrong, and sometimes, especially if you know you’re right, all it takes is to make the first move. Everything can be sorted out by a pow-wow because the alternative is rotten. Surely nothing can be that bad to harbour grudges. Life is simpler when you swallow your pride, make your peace and keep it friendly.

By the way his hair looks much better.


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