Squirrels and An Elusive Melody

Today was a beautiful sunny day once again in Belfast and whilst out to see about getting a bike I came across this little chap.

Here is a close-up of the cheeky chappy or chappess.

He was rudely interrupted by me in his gathering of a nut. We don’t get that many squirrels here in Northern Ireland so it’s always good to see one. I think they are just lovely.

I discovered recently why flies do that strange wee dance round light fixtures. It’s all to do with them having a set of nobbly bits behind their wings, called halteres. These wee nobbles cause them to fly in geometric patterns. Also, flies like to have a good view and the light on the ceiling offers them an all round point from which to check out the competition. The males like to show off their sexy moves to attract the ladies.

As well as having a look at my future bike (fingers crossed) I’ve been lost in Logic all day trying to nail a melody. It started off so well but disintegrated into Groundhog Day and before I knew it I’d lost my mind. Tomorrow may bring a breakthrough.


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One Response to Squirrels and An Elusive Melody

  1. Missy says:

    I saw my 1st red squirrel yesterday when I was walking round Belvoir forrest park before work. Greys are fairly common and I’ve seen a ton of them. I was actually excited to see a red one. I think I need more excitement in my life…

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