Max Spiers

You said that you’re not coming back this time. Good on you.
People say Rest In Peace like death is the end and we just go to an eternal slumber but I disagree. It’s just a doorway and what an awesome portal it is.
Straight continuation no fluctuation. Eyes on the prize. Such surprise.


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Singing in Templetown Mauseleum

I went here yesterday. It’s in Templepatrick in Northern Ireland which is just between Belfast and Aldergrove airport. It’s in the care of the National trust and is very beautiful. I felt compelled to sing.

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Electric Tin Opener by Dan Eggs

This dude right here is a genius. You may not understand every word but believe you me, he is.

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Russell Shaw



He made this and I love it. He inspired me. He gets it. It’s the bass.
It creates such atmosphere. Dry and unknown. Other-worldly.
Steeped in history and tradition.
Cool, groovy and exciting.

Who wouldn’t want to live there?

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Ok So here I am a month into the passing of my mum. What do I feel?
I feel the same stuff I felt before. This material existence is awesome. Yes change is what happens. It just does.
Justice doesn’t exist after death unless you want to spendĀ  existence working this stuff out.
Me? I seriously don’t care. Cycles Exist here. Good, bad, indifferent. Whatever.
Life. This life You Chose to Come To is amazing. Live IT.
Be Fearless in Being Just You. You Are Perfect Just As You Are. Right now.

There is no game.

Live your life like a prayer. Stop worrying about what you eat, what you watch, how you exist.
You’re already doing it. You are awesome in the true sense of the word.
It’s all within you.
Everything you do is spot on.
You are a bubble of fire connected to everything.gambar planet jupiter


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The Gods Are Calling

Everything is perfect. It all is.

You are perfect.

Perfect is prefect. Some kind of domination.

What are words?
Fuck it. Your life is a prayer. Live it. Immerse yourself.

Stop beating yourself up.
You are just spot on right now.
Don’t pay any attention to these words.
What do I know.
You already have the universe pulsing within you.

You rock!
You’re living it!
Live it like a prayer!
Sing it!Dance it!





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