The Flood

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Robert Anton Wilson

Big hugs to him who has passed. He taught me connection. He also reminded me of belief in energy, made me feel at home in this strange, fucked up loopy world of commerce. I give you all my love strange guy. xxxx



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The Distant Past

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Mmmm Danone

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So this has been 7 months since my last confession. I’ve been highly abusive to an 80 year old man and have paid the price. I’ve lost my way and and I’ve been asleep  for 7 months..When your mama passes it reorders things in a new way without her.

Everything is rearranged. Every sight, every sound. She was/is your constant.
She is your blueprint.

Without that sound in your vicinity, where do we go? Some say freedom but for me she was a tether to this land, a buoy guiding and accepting me, gentle arms.

She was also my judge which I turned away from. Who are we to judge any of us. We all must walk this life alone.

That is the truth. But when your mum vacates this plane, boy is it a tough mothertfucking showdown. Left alone at last. Still we come into this life on our own bat and we leave on our bat.

We’re lucky if others spend that time with us.


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2014-05-21-11-13-06I’ve had a few dreams lately with UFOs in them ( I write this with the same drum beat going and going from my previous post) and I believe that time is is because we have two eyes to judge distance. Check it out. Close one eye, open both then put one hand over one then the other and see how things move. It gives movement to our vision. Thus time is passing. How can two things exist in two different places at one time? Spaghetti.

indexAnd thus all things come down to wheat and eggs.

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Bang The Drum

I have a neighbour  out my back that has been banging the drums for months now and as  much as I love anyone attempting to make music, they just don’t have that schwing. Drumming is something which must be innate. You can practice to get good and better but if you ain’t got that natural groove then, sister, you are only annoying the vicinity.
I sleep at the front of the house so god bless, I don’t hear the drumming.
I’ve thought often about how amazing it would be to hear an amazing natural drummer learn their craft night a night. This dude- they do not have it.

It sounds like a nice kit. The kick sounds good and the snare but the actual cosmos of the soup mix, it sounds staccato and awkward; it is not a natural thing for this human. Yet they obviously are dedicated and love what they do. The X Factor was invented for peeps like that.
Who am I to judge?

I’m perfect to judge what sounds good to my ears for I occupy my physical body. Everyone’s a critic.

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