Update to My Citalopram

I’ve been on Citalopram for nearly 2 months now and I must say that it has been such a good time for me. I hooked up with my doc after a month and told him how great it has been for me. He had a student doctor in with him. Once again it was a young female, keen and open. My doctor is fairly awesome in that he listens and seems to understand. I feel always blessed in life, even in the midst of chaos. Philip Kindred Dick was well aware of entropy. My mother slips in towards it, we all do. Entropy means that all the molecules that have structure and form return to that place without form which is unwritten, which is also known as chaos.
I haven’t lost myself, in fact I’ve found myself in the darkness which overwhelmed me. I have had time to breathe. For me, I was dead against medication from previous experience but have become someone who is very glad of this respite in my life. Serotonin is a chemical/hormone/neurotransmitter/magical component which no doctor or scientist understands.

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H z


I’ve never been here before
But I’ve met you many times
You revealed yourself to me in an actual place
Not a place here yet part of here
In that all dimensions are here

You called me back to me
By staring right into me
Just waiting
With power
That power is in me too

I call upon you to help me roar
To vanquish doubt
The battle cry unleashed
The gentle power
Force and purpose

In your sandstone corridor
Lit by burning torches
With swathes of Kingly thrones
I call you, Maahes
He who is true beside her – Wielder of the Knife








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High Hopes

I am the conductor
Of my own special liner
And I keep the engines firing
I got high hopes

I am the pilot
All my directions are guided
Yeah I got the ancients smiling
I got high hopes

I come from Osiris
My lineage is Seth induced
My DNA is contained here in pyramid form
The artifacts of life
Vibrating in my cellular
Bow down for Accelerator is my name







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Boaty McBoatface

Oh I so hope it gets this name! Boaty McBoatface for the win!


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Is Your Life a Video Game?

n6s3zEN - Imgur.gif

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Sunday Bowls

I’ve posted this on my other Sound Therapy site but I thought maybe you might enjoy a crystal and Tibetan bowl track I just recorded on this lovely lazy Sunday in Spring. Listen for the crow call at the end. Seems we’re in the right flow.

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The Invention of the Neutron Star

This is from the guys at The Electric Universe. It’s such a simple theory.
I don’t know enough to form a proper opinion but I do like it’s simplicity.
I also like Paul LaViolette’s theory that pulsars are alien-built beacons marking the way to the violent centre of our galaxy. Either way, it’s one big, fascinating universe out there.

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