Extraordinary Times

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Pilot Light

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Blue Green Purple and Pink




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The Eclipse 20/3/15

Yesterday I received my very first gong in the post from gongs unlimited. They wrote my name on the box and put little hearts around it.
It’s a solar flare gong which arrived just in time for the solar eclipse this morning. Serendipity is a marvelous thing. Coincidence means you’re in the flow.

CAfe1AYWcAAdPeQ.jpg_largeI’d contacted a gal I know who has lots of amazing gongs to tell her about my happy arrival and it turns out that she was taking her gongs down to play at the Giant’s Ring outside Belfast for the eclipse. The Giant’s Ring is an ancient henge and was built, according to Wikipedia, in 2700BC.


I’ve sat on those stones many times with friends and I’m sure that greeting the eclipse with the sound of gongs must have been incredible but I didn’t make it. I had a very strange experience of my own.
I couldn’t sleep at all during the night. I was angry and annoyed all night and wrote furiously in my journal. Around 6am I finally tried to read myself to sleep and picked up my Kindle to read a bit of Ubik by Philip K. Dick, which did the trick in calming my mind and eventually I fell asleep.I came out of body via a dream of being pulled against my will and then woke up shocked, heart pounding only to be dragged back into a series of two dreams. Both dreams featured me battling invisible dark forces that were pulling me up against my will. I was suspended in the air while they whipped around me. It felt epic and very real. Each time I tried to break free these invisible dark forces would overpower me and suck me in.
I broke free into this reality and rushed to look at the sun. It was 9.15am. I had missed joining the gongs at the Giant’s Ring but the eclipse was 15 minutes from maximum. The sun was blazing in the sky yet the actual light from it illuminating the houses and pigeons around me was an eerie half-light.
I think the ancients recognised that strange forces come into play during great times such as today. Not only was it a 93% eclipse here in Belfast but the moon which covered it was a Supermoon and the Equinox begins today.
I think that the battles I had in dream and out of body have been waged since time immemorial and that the myths of the dark versus the light is an actual tangible thing. I believe that all things are alive and that everything is connected from stars to plants to dimensions. No-one can deny that an eclipse is a strange experience and sometimes I think modern humans need a little reminder that there is more than facebook and ready meals because even this too shall pass.

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Walk Your Mind

I’m in Tralee in Kerry. I woke up very hungover and instead of wallowing in self-pity I headed out for a walk. I wanted to be near water as it always soothes and detoxes and the Wetlands proved a good place to start. I sat on a picnic bench away from people, faced the mountains and chanted. Shante prachante sarva shu-shupti upasha mani swaha. It’s for laziness and it works. I walked through beautiful countryside smelling cows and horses, each with their own distinctive odor. To my left were the rolling soft mountains sweeping down to the sea. In the distance I saw what I thought was a lighthouse and tipped my head towards it. It wasn’t a lighthouse, but a windmill. Blennerville windmill.

2015-02-14 13.07.25

Windmills give me the willies but I walked past it and noticed it also had its own distinctive scent, one of fusty old buildings and wood treatment.
I found a little wall by the water and watched two crows bullying and dive-bombing a smaller bird in flight. The sun was shining and I was warm enough to take off my jacket for the first time this winter.
I took out my mala I made for chanting and held up my meru against the mountains.

2015-02-14 13.13.33Meru is the 108th bead of a mala and literally means mountain so it’s a pretty apt picture. The mountain of the meru represents the lofty heights of transcendence, a beautiful place of clarity which is in everything and is all around us and within.
I was so happy there that I laughed out loud. This really is a most wonderful plane.

2015-02-14 13.19.55

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Jean Michel Noot

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Chomp chomp chomp.

Whassup bitches??
I’m all ready for Samhain. Are you? I got all my food a cookin, got all my spells a festerin.
Lemme tell you all a secret. Lil special secret.

Row row row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream

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