Lime Green Glowing Entity

I was born strange.
My parents thought I was strange.
I must have been about 9 when the entity came into my room. I’d always heard voices in bed at night. It scared me senseless. I would lie there battling the urge to scream while I heard my name being called gently in my ear then gradually it would get louder and faster, like they were intentionally trying to terrify me, to mock me. Nearly every night was a battleground to maintain my sanity. I was so young. I knew I was different.
It was summer, I remember. The hall light was on and my bedroom door was open as I couldn’t sleep with it closed due to night terrors. My parents must have been downstairs watching tv.
I was facing the wall in my little single bed in my little tiny room and I heard a wind and a flapping of my curtains which I remember finding strange at the time as I’m fairly sure that it was a still night and I’m also fairly sure that the little window was closed.
The sound of the wind brought me from slumber to full alertness. I was hyper sensitive.
I felt a gentle tugging at my bed clothes and I knew that this was not something that should be in my room with my parents downstairs oblivious. There was a heightened sense of strangeness but also a readiness like I had been primed and prepared for this.
I turned around slowly in my little bed to face away from the wall and I saw what I took to be a ‘male’ glowing lime green entity at the side of my bed. The substance of it’s body was made up of tiny points of bright green light. The light looked organic yet ephemeral and I could see through ‘his’ body to my dressing table behind. At this point I only saw the middle section of the body. Some how he communicated to me in my mind without words not to look at his face, so I didn’t but then it all escalated and the entity was right up beside my pillow and I could see yellow glowing see-through hands reaching out towards me. Funnily to me it looked like he was wearing Marigolds, the latex gloves people would use for washing dishes to protect their hands. Bright glowing yellow. He was reaching out with both hands and it looked sinister, like he was going to strangle me, but I’m not sure that it was meant that way and at that point I called out in my mind to please go away, that I was only young and that ‘it’ was terrifying me and that I was going to turn around in my little bed and put the covers over my head and that ‘he’ was going to please leave me because I wasn’t ready for this.
So that’s exactly what I did and I listened and heard the same strange wind and the flapping of the curtains again and then I think I must have been in shock yet still in a very calm state and I must have gone to sleep.
My mother told me years later that when she was about 11 that she had been sent to bed early for misbehaving and that when she was awake in her bedroom a small black gnome like creature came down the chimney, out of the fire place, across the room towards her with it’s finger pointed up towards the centre of her forehead. She says she then ran screaming from the room down to my granny who poo-pooed her story as an excuse to come downstairs. She told me that it was as real as anything, that she was definitely not asleep and that it was terrifying.
For all of these years since then I have wondered what my lime green glowing entity was and why he came to me. Was he an inter-dimensional traveller? Was he a future me coming through on a frequency?
I know that he communicated to me and I know that I stayed completely calm, like it was something that in some way I had been primed for. I’ve toyed with the idea of having hypnotic regression to try and remember more from that night. Was I taken somewhere?
It has affected me deeply in life and I have been visited by other completely different entities since then.
I’ve looked up lime green glowing entities online and could only find one reference on a random ufo/alien visitation log page. It didn’t give any information so I am putting mine out there to hopefully find someone who has perhaps met something similar that may be able to shed some light on who this entity is and what the purpose of my experience was.
I’ve always been a sensitive. I can see auras, I can feel time paths. My life interest is consciousness expansion. I travel when I sleep. This reality is but a dream. All dimensions are here.

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I start a new job on Monday. It’s more pay. I never thought I’d say this but I’m now driven by money and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. There’s nothing wrong with earning money. I’ve never really had any so that’s going to change.

I’m ready to enjoy the simple things that money brings like not worrying about where my rent is coming from. I’m not in debt and I don’t aim to be. If I can’t afford something I’ll save up for it. My mum taught me that. I’ve never had a credit card and I’m not sure I ever will.

My life is simple. I don’t need much. I’ve everything I need already apart from maybe when my gas runs out and I need a top up. My phone is two years old and I’m cool with that. I don’t care about the latest anything cos it’s all a lie anyway.

As long as my cat has food and my love is happy I’m good to go.

Engage smile face for my new work pass.

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Hello Sun!

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“First Goddamn Week of Winter”

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The Greatest Biscuit in The World

I have searched high and low in my quest to find the greatest biscuit in the world. It has been a harrowing experience but I’ve chomped through many to reach my goal.

For it has been written in the ancient texts that one would come. One to rule all. Behold!

The rich tea finger!

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Going Mobile Again

I’m trying out the new mobile editor.

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Can I Get an Update?

Welcome back. I’m not going to annoy you with my constant youtube music choices. I only do that when I’m drunk; just to keep a simple record collection for myself.
I’m clear and awake and ready to properly blog.
I’ve been laid low by the Aussie flu. Fever dreams are mad.

I kept dreaming I was in a mental ward. Each time I woke up bathed in sweat I seriously thought I’d lost my mind. It was very disconcerting. The sickness came from delirium. I apologise to anyone I phoned in the early hours. I must have been sensing my days were numbered. I fainted while being sick and woke up collapsed on my bathroom floor covered in my vomit. I’d bitten my tongue. This was followed by explosive diarrhoea.

I was a sorry sight to behold. The fever followed in earnest and it’s been nearly a week now that I’ve been out of action. I’m off work. My work doesn’t pay you for sick days which has got to be criminal. Yet here I am, weak as jelly, lighter in weight but looking forward.

It’s my 45th birthday next week. That’s gotta be a shock to the system. I don’t look my age at all and I certainly don’t act it. I refuse to tow the line and I will never, ever be assimilated by the Borg of human society. I don’t need a new sofa and a kitchen is the place I make tea in. My mattress is good and I’ve already lost excess pounds thanks to the flu. My car is a piece of crap but it still drives me about and I’m not in debt. I don’t need anything that much that I’m prepared to get into debt to have it. So you can run on Mr. and Mrs. Advertiser. You can bypass me.

It’s snowing but I’m warm inside with my little furry friend Noot who is ripping up bits of paper in a bid to catch my attention. Let us protect the little ones always for they bring so much joy into our lives. Look out for each other and don’t worry, you don’t really need a new kitchen. The one you have is just grand.


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Electric Dreams on CH4

Was not good. Sorry. Was not PKD.

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